The blog is dead, long live the blog

12 Aug

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I recently read a comment on facebook that my blog is dead. It really surprised me. I suppose I have been in denial, I was thinking it was perhaps in repose. An extended vacation. As it turns out, if you don’t actually post for months at a time, your blog is kinda sorta dead.

But here’s the deal: It’s not. I really had to take a lot of time off. Things happened. I’ll list them. They impacted my life in a really big way:

I left my really good job for an amazing opportunity and immediately got laid off. Then I had very little work, which was a blessing, considering what happened afterward.

  • I stopped being married.
  • I volunteered at a wildlife museum.
  • One of my sister’s died.
  • I adopted a snake.
  • I moved three times in a short period of time. I’m not a fan of moving.
  • I was offered and accepted my dream job.
  • I got a new baby brother.


Lots of life events. Big, huge, heart-breaking, emotional, heart-filling, life events. Because even when life feels totally over, it’s actually still going on. The blog is not dead, it was in hibernation. Frankly, right now, I know I will not have the time that I had before to devote to it. But I will always have a story to tell, it’s in my blood.

My baby brother is 3 months old. He won’t know how to speak for a while but if you observe him for just a few minutes, you will notice one thing: He’s trying really hard to tell you something, (it’s in our DNA, really.)

Here he is:


And here I’ve been:


Oh, you noticed the hair’s gone. It’s all part of letting go and being available for the story to continue. The week I decided to cut my hair, I was asking one of my girlfriends if I should do it. I told her I’d miss it. I knew I would. And that was exactly why I cut it. Because it’s ok to miss it. It’s ok to miss my sister, or the routine I had with my ex. It’s human. It’s ok to miss my friends and coworkers. Missing means I cared.

We miss, and we let it go. We make room for the next amazing thing. I didn’t lose my husband when we got divorced, we’re still friends. But I made room for his new love in my heart and she’s such a beautiful and amazing woman, she’s become one of my best friends. My family got bigger.

When my sister died, I found out I was going to have a baby brother. Life is so unexpected and full of surprises. Around the same time, I adopted a ball python that needed a good home. I changed his name to BooBoo Cuddlebear. He used to hang out in my hair, back when it was long.



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And all the while in the silence of my blogosphere, I was still wearing clothes and having fun. See?




There will be more. There’s plenty to catch up on. See you soonly!

xo, f



Love robot

29 Oct

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h&m eco conscious collection shift, green cardigan, red cuff watch

Sometimes, it’s really all in the details. I love this shift from H&M’s eco conscious collection. I love the detail of the abstract pattern. I feel like it’s a cross between a Paul Klee pen-and-ink and a botanical garden. It plays well in many environments. I can dress it up or down. On this particular day, I needed to look professional without being too formal, therefore, I let the details speak to my personality. Like the love robot ring. Everyone needs a love robot.

love robot ring

Or the fact that my dragonfly tattoo commemorating my sister’s life is interestingly framed by the red acetate of my cuff watch.

dragonfly tattoo, red cuff watch

And the floating sparrow on my necklace.

rose necklace with sparrow

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Shift/H&M, green cardigan/Nordstrom’s, red cuff watch/The Clymb, rose necklace/Etsy, love robot ring/Hallmark store, dragonfly tattoo/Victor Macias




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23 Oct

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As I mentioned in the previous post, we have all been stylish in our own ways. We cleaned up nicely for my dad’s wedding. My hairstyle dates this photo back about 9 years, Frederique is in the middle, Ingrid is on the right. We looked different but had the same smile. And the same size feet.



Red shoes

17 Oct

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aqua cardigan over sky blue tank top and multi-colored patterned skirt

I just inherited my sister’s shoes. We three sisters referred to each other as hippie, stylish and punk. To refer to me exclusively as stylish in not quite accurate, both my sisters have always been incredibly stylish in their own way. Frederique is The Punk. Ingrid was The Hippie. She was a beautiful, tree-hugging, animal-rescuing, plant-loving woman who’s face lit up every time she saw one of us sisters. She died a few weeks ago and all her clothes, shoes and accessories are in my spare bedroom for sorting. I believe I’ve met my match, this woman had a lot of clothes and shoes.

Before she died, I told her I wanted her shoes. I didn’t ask, I pulled the sister card and put it a direct request. I wasn’t leaving anything up to chance. We have the same feet. I wanted to have her with me all the time, her death has been my biggest heartbreak to date and it’s comforting to carry her spirit with me when I can’t call her up whenever I feel like it any more.

red flat maryjane style

But let’s talk shoes because that woman seriously loved shoes. I call them hippie shoes and in doing so I’ve practically guaranteed my other sister won’t want anything to do with them. I’m a little sneaky that way, although, they really are hippie shoes and that’s what makes them so appealing to me. I love shoes, too. They don’t, however, love me back. Except hers. Of course they do. She would be pleased to know they’re keeping my feet happy.

yellow beaded layered necklace

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Aqua cashmere cardigan/Bloomingdale’s, sky blue tank top/thrifted, multi-colored pattern skirt/Target, layered yellow bead necklace/thrifted, red shoes/gifted, red cuff watch/The Clymb.




08 Aug

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… jeans. I don’t even know what that means, I don’t have a boyfriend, nor have I ever been able to fit in a boyfriend’s jeans. Actually, not true. I wore my husband’s 501′s in 1989. Oh, yeah, I was around back then. And I was married.


But the Boyfriend Jeans conjures up a memory that I haven’t realized, one that sounds like lazy Sundays and soft, oversized t-shirts. Maybe sunny walks with the dog. Neighborhood coffee shops. Freshly mowed lawns. It’s a sweet, memorable moniker and I’m quite the sucker for words that sound just right. Describe something as buttery soft and I’ll be twice as likely to purchase it. Thank you, LL Bean, circa 1998.

All I know is that I needed a new pair of jeans. I’m rebelling against $300 jeans. I think it’s absurd and unnecessary to charge that much for denim. I went to Old Navy. They fit my body perfectly and, I might add, are buttery soft.


I did wear my boyfriend’s red plaid bondage pants, sans straps, when I was 18. They would have been useless for actual bondage, they didn’t seem very sturdy, but they looked pretty hot. My mondo creepers were red patent leather. Extra hot.



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Indigo lace top/Anthropologie, pewter lace tank/Nordstrom’s, boyfriend jeans/Old Navy, red cuff watch/The Clymb.


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Mermaid style

31 Jul

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I’ve always wanted what my hairdresser and I called “mermaid hair”. In other words, hair long enough to provide a substantial amount of modestly, should one be inclined. For when the apocalypse vaporizes fabric, or something like that.

In December, I willingly had about 6 or 7 inches cut off, the health of my hair required it. That’s what it feels like to take a bunch of steps backwards. What’s the opposite of mermaid hair? Billy Idol hair? Ok, so not quite that drastic but somewhere in the ho-hum middle.


I have resisted the urge for a maintenance trim since December. Tenacity and laser-sharp focus on the end results at it’s finest. Professional advice carelessly tossed by the wayside. It’s my hair, after all. And as my sister said, if you want you hair to grow out, you really have to stop cutting it.

This coming Friday, I’m scheduled for the trim. All this to say, yes, my hair is up because it has looked better, and in a very short while, it will again.




I’ll just distract you with my mermaid nail polish until then. Look, squirrel!

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Aqua cashmere cardigan/Bloomingdale’s, cyan blue skinny pants/Urban Outfitters, orange tunic/Urban Outfitters, salmon tank/Nordstrom’s, mustard scarf/You Be Cheeky Boutique, red acetate watch/Vestal, hair band/ModCloth


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Look closely

02 May

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The dress I’m wearing has a photo print front. I must have worn it about three times before I realized that, upon closer inspection, there’s a couple sitting at the water’s edge. So much for attention to detail. In all fairness, it’s a little hard to make out when you’re wearing it. From a distance? Easy as pie.

I’m rediscovering dresses now that the days are warming up. I don’t feel as silly wearing a skirt or dress with my house flip-flops, it’s casual, but so what? Wearing tights and fuzzy slippers in winter, on the other hand, was a whole other story. A story that wasn’t going to happen.

Anyone else feel compelled to wear red and green? It’s like Christmas over here all over again.

sitting wearing black photo dress, green cardigan, red belt

sitting wearing black photo dress, green cardigan, red belt

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Mini dress/Modcloth, red skinny belt/unknown, green cardi/Nordstrom’s, black mini skirt/swapped, necklace/Anthropologie, black sandals/Dansko.


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31 Mar

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Let’s face it, I haven’t just slipped from grace, I’ve tanked. Well, only as it pertains to blogging regularly. I have my reasons, sure. Such as, having a dog which leads to why I’m wearing pants a lot these days. I dress in anticipation of what the day holds for me, like walking her daily every afternoon on one of the trails nearby. Sometimes it’s not all that exciting, however, working from home hasn’t stopped me from caring.

I may not have the bandwidth to post as regularly but having fun with outfits is an integral part of my life, not a phase. Here’s a little recap. You need proof, after all. But first, this:

{ rant: }

Being a woman of  ”a certain age”, (45! Woohoo!), I’m starting to get annoyed at all the age-appropriate style advice in women’s magazines. No more short mini-dresses? Why not? I like my legs just fine, thanks. No more obnoxiously bright neons pants paired with an equally bright top? I’m not sure I like this advice at all. Here’s what I have to say: Ignore all of it. ALL. Wear what makes you happy. Skirt too short? Heels to high? Too much cleavage showing? I don’t care. Squeeze yourself into a pair of leopard-spotted pants, you hot mama, you. Rock them to work if it puts a smile on your face.

Let the real old farts tsk… tsk… behind your back while you are living your life exactly as you wish. The most flattering thing a woman can ever wear, the one thing that looks good rain or shine, day or night, is her smile. Her genuine, life-loving smile. So, if what you put on today is wrong by every standard but it makes you happy, and if that happiness translates into a smile, that’s all the style advice you’ll ever need.

Go on, beautiful. Wear whatever you feel like wearing, just as long as it makes you happy.

{ proof: }

wear purples

Wearing sheer aqua top, orange cardigan, light denim pants

Wearing sheer purple top, printed scarf, hand-carved earrings

Wearing green cashmere sweater, royal blue tank top, cyan skinny pants


{ deets: }

First: Purple top/gifted, neon yellow t-shirt/Old Navy, raspberry velour pants/Athleta*, necklace/Anthropologie, brown Uggs. Second: Sheer printed aqua top/Target, orange cardigan/Target, denim/Nordstrom’s, mustard scarf/Cheeky Boutique, wood teal bangle/bazaar in Spain, neon yellow Vans. Third: Sheer printed blouse/TJ Maxx, sheer printed kimono-style top/Target, tie belt/handmade, printed scarf/bazaar in France, necklace/Anthropologie, hand-carved earrings/Braindrop. Fourth: Green cashmere sweater/Bloomingdale’s, royal blue tank top/Old Navy, cyan skinny pants/Urban Outfitters, beaded necklace/Anthropologie. 


Like mother, like daughter

13 Dec

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I have a confession to make. Two weeks into having adopted Ibis it’s apparent to me that if I had a daughter, I would be that mom who would dress us in matching outfits. As you can see, hot pink seems to flatter the both of us.

hot pink sweater, neon green skinny jeans

pink, red and green necklace

For clarification, greyhounds don’t have an undercoat and very short hair so they get cold quickly. I had not intended on being the kind of dog mom who dresses her up her pooch in silly outfits, but since I must, we’re going to have fun with this every step of the way.

Somebody just got herself a shiny new raincoat and a fancy fleece snood. We’re ready for the next storm.

Hot pink greyhound raincoat

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Hot pink sweater/H&M, neon green skinny jeans/Urban Outfitters, necklace/Anthropologie, hot pink raincoat/Classy Couch Potatoes.


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The House has gone to the dogs.

30 Nov

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Just one dog, actually. Ibis Carrera. I had every intention of sharing with you some of my favorite new sweaters these days, because sweaters have become a necessity working from home, but Ibis is in the building. Yeah, it’s pretty much been like that.

About fifteen years ago, I lived in The Haight in San Francisco. I worked from home then, also. Around the corner from my house was Cup-A-Joe. I started every morning there with a latte and my journal. Often, my neighbor with the black framed glasses who owned a bike co-op would come in with his dog, an Italian greyhound, I believe. She would rest her head on his knee and looked at him lovingly. She was unlike any other dog I’d ever seen. I feel in love. With her, obviously.

Not long after, I remember recalling this moment to a friend who suggested adopting a race rescue greyhound. I had never had a dog before and didn’t know the difference between an Italian greyhound and a full-size greyhound. In fact, I’m almost embarrassed to admit I had never heard the term “sighthound” until last month. Rescuing a dog from death sounded good to me, I was on board.

A couple months ago I quickly jotted a list of six or seven things I wanted. In the number one spot: “I want a dog.” I was now working from home, living alone and wanted a buddy. I’ve always been a cat person but I wanted a companion that could accompany me around. I made all kinds of promises to my landlord begging him to please let me have a dog. The chances were slim that he would agree but, lo and behold, he didn’t seem the least put out by the idea. My search began.

I found a fantastic organization to adopt through. First there was an application. Then a phone interview. After that, a walk-through with a new adoptee. I was encouraged to attend a meet-and-greet with other owners and their adoptees. I drove an hour away to make that happen as soon as possible. Everything fell into place and I got the green light. Enter Ibis! I had seen her picture on the web site and there was just something about her. I asked if they thought she would be a good fit for me and we met last Saturday.


At first it was hit or miss. I didn’t know her, she didn’t know me, we tried not to be awkward around each other. Race greyhounds are not like other greyhounds. In fact, they are unlike any other dog, for that matter. They’ve spent their lives in cages in areas filled with other dogs in cages and are never alone. They’re either out on the track or in their cage. They’re trained to bolt. They can never be tethered for that reason. They’re amazing creatures which can hit speeds of 30-40 miles an hour by the third stride, second fastest only to the cheetah. Pretty cool! But not for the casual dog owner. Everything is new to them. The sound the dishwasher makes. Mirrors. Windows. Cars on the street. The vacuum. It’s like they were dropped from another planet and starting from scratch.


In the past six days, we’ve both been coming out of our shell. Our walks are now spirited and fun. I’ve started seeing her goofy side when she plays with her toys. She’s adorable. And she’s hijacked my life. The pictures of sweaters may have to wait a little longer but she’s worth it. Being so well-behaved, I don’t see that I will need to modify my sartorial choices much during the training process with one exception. I will always need pockets to keep treats in. True love.


{ note: }

The organization I chose is Golden State Greyhound Adoption. They have a very thorough and strict adoption process and policy, which I appreciated. Stu and his wife Barbara, both founders, have provided me with every bit of support I have needed, as has the associated community. If you’re in the market to adopt a race rescue greyhound, I cannot recommend them more.


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