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30 for 30, day 23. Basketball.

30 Nov
I love gold

Patterns and textures

I’m developing a fondness for basketball. Mind you, I’m not talking about the real sport that is basketball, I’m talking about that special phenomenon that is gym basketball. And I’m not talking about playing, either, I’m talking about watching it.

You see, the treadmills at my gym are placed in several locations. The first option, which I will refer to as the Trauma Viewing Station, is primarily facing the over-sized television monitors featuring a national news station. The second option, which I will refer to as the Testosterone Station, faces the basketball courts.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the impact which the (bad) news has on my running performance is not ideal. My eyes keep darting away from the monitor, yet I get sucked in over and over again by flashing headlines of found body parts and missing children. I almost cried the other day. Like I said, not ideal.

The Testosterone Station, on the other hand, is male primal behavior at its best. I confessed my fascination to my friend Ross last night. There’s a lot of jumping around, grunting and yelling, running back and forth; sometimes they even run into each other. It’s much more entertaining. I’m starting to recognize some of the regulars and developing nicknames for them, such as “Roger.”

Time flies when you’re watching grown men play. I’m very interested in staying healthy, especially given my daily morning chocolate indiscretions. This morning I was out of chocolate, unfortunately. I had to seek comfort elsewhere and found it by means of my gold leather belt.

I initially bought it for a Burning Man costume. It has since been integrated as a sometime key player in my wardrobe. I decided to shoot these photos indoors to feature our vintage raised felt wallpaper which complimented the gold pattern on my blouse. The pictures don’t do it justice. Imagine textured wallpaper. Feel it with your eyes closed. Perfect!

Deets: Cream sweater/Old Navy, Satin blouse/BCBG, grey cropped ankle pants/Express, gold leather belt/unknown, vintage brooch/gifted, black ankle boots/Munro.

Related Trivia: What Austin Powers movie inspired this look?
Unrelated trivia: Can you name the high-performance car in the photo?


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30 for 30, day 22. Questions.

29 Nov
I can’t tout the cool effect of purple and green enough!

Behold the natural hand pose. Definitely not what my hands do of their own volition.
A scarf instead of a necklace? Yes!

Questions such as, “why are you dressed like The Joker?” That’s what my husband asked me this morning. It takes a sense of humor to live in our household.

I have an answer, of course. It’s day 22 and I’m trying not to replicate any outfits while being burdened with the task of wearing the stylish equivalent of the post-Thanksgiving muumuu. No easy feat to achieve, fellow remixers know, every day gets a little more challenging.

Certain that I have gained 15 “micro-pounds,” I needed to stay away from All Things Fitted for the next several days while I digest the last remaining tidbits of my two Thanksgiving dinners. Micro-pounds are the make-believe weight one truly feels like they’ve gained in a very short amount of time, there’s no such thing; it’s not physically possible to gain that much weight in, let’s say, two days. I make words up all the time.

Oh, but that weight feels real, my friends. Hence the soft flounce of my stretchy purple dress cleverly disguised as a skirt. I’m not above being sneaky if it means I get one more outfit. Extra points when it’s comfortable. Extra, extra points for mixing purple and chartreuse.

Notice the snazzy accessorizing: Gauzy leopard-print scarf revealed through my hair, draping down my back. And that bracelet, that brilliant scene stealer! My co-workers are finally getting used to it and are no longer mentioning it with the same level of wonder and awe as when I first introduced it last year.

(Wonder and awe may be slight exaggerations, but a little exaggeration in the name of style never hurt anyone.)

Deets: Purple dress/BP, Nordstrom’s, chartreuse blouse/ModCloth, purple tights/Hue, leopard-print scarf/unknown, bracelet/Anthropologie, black hand-carved gingko earrings/Braindrops, brown man-made suede boots/Munro.


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30 for 30, day 21. Buttermilk biscuits.

28 Nov

Gluten-free buttermilk biscuits
Dressed for some quality time in the kitchen

This blog was originally intended to document my 30 for 30 remix challenge. What I would do next was yet to be determined. Two-thirds of the way into the challenge and I can already tell it will likely evolve to encompass much more. As one who takes so much pleasure in trying new things and the dedication it takes into perfecting them, this sounds like the ideal outlet.

When I got my iPhone two years ago I discovered a tool to document aspects of my life; aspects I thought were interesting enough to share instantaneously. I’ve since realized a better camera, a tripod and a blog provide me with a better system for crafting a better experience. I have more time to consider what I want to say. At the same time, having only a day or so to work on it is a great lesson in letting go.

As a graphic designer, this is one of the hardest things to do. Rejection has never a problem. Letting go is a whole other story. This is my lesson. Put it out there with thought and care then let it go into the world. Its permanence is fluid. A post can later be edited, improved upon or deleted. But first, I still have to let it go.

This morning I’m enjoying the sun shining on the hillside along with a couple biscuits from Gluten-Free Girl and The Chef’s Buttermilk Biscuit recipe, Shauna is my gluten-free hero. I woke up this morning with an itch to bake. Thirty minutes later, voila! I’ve made these biscuits before, they keep getting better and better. Today, however, I realized I need finer salt. My coarse salt failed the test. I don’t think it blended as well as it should have and the biscuits tasted saltier than I remember.

Nonetheless, they were delicious with butter and homemade plum jam sent back with us from our last visit to Sandpoint, Idaho. My friend and mother-in-law, Liliana, is a genius in the kitchen. The plums were from their garden. There is no better food karma than this.

Deets: Yellow t-shirt/Shana Logic, popsicle t-shirt/Threadless, black leggings/Hue, beanie/gifted, hand-carved wood earrings/Chicago, hand-crafted glass beaded necklace/gifted, elastic top slip-ons/Munro.


Black Friday, Blue Saturday?

27 Nov
Fortunately, one’s calves do not accurately reflect one’s intake on Thanksgiving.

I’m not sure what happened today but after having 2, TWO, Thanksgiving dinners in a row, the giving of thanks has paralyzed me. No remix, no nothin’. I’m still in my pajamas. That’s what happens when no one comes over and I have nothing to do and I have over 450 emails in my inbox.

By nothing to do I mean to imply that I refused to do anything productive. And this productivity machine required the assistance of her cocktail-makin’ hubby and a rainy day to make that aspiration come to fruition. (A little goes a long way, don’tcha know?) I don’t know about you but I require professional grade intervention to keep me from going, going, going. After my first couple cups of coffee and mega doses of sugar in the form of chocolate, whipped cream, pumpkin pie and cranberry scones, I had a problem. (That wasn’t breakfast, by the way. That was pre-breakfast.)

I was ready to take this day by storm but really, I needed to do nothing. Doing nothing is a very important part of being alive. I’m still working on it, I understand it in theory but I’m not good at doing it. I’m one of those people that think sleeping in means getting up at 8am on a Sunday. I know, I know, I have a problem. Look, if you saw me today you’d be proud.

Let me demonstrate via my outfit du jour how well I did: Glasses, (never got the contacts in.) Forest green DKNY pajamas with lime green piping. Grey winter weight Smartwool hiking socks, no shoes, thereby guaranteeing I don’t step outside. Somewhere nearby: Over-sized short flannel baby blue robe wtih clouds. I bought this for sister about 10 years ago. Needless to say, it’s mine now. I’m a very bad gift giver. If you don’t come over to claim it, I’ll keep it and never mention said gift again.

So, it’s not technically cheating if I didn’t get dressed. I would have had I needed to but I didn’t. As a consolation prize, I  did feature the fantastic peacock tights that I wore yesterday to aforementioned Thanksgiving Numero Dos.

The best part about being an adult is that you get to give yourself a free pass whenever you want. Like right now.

For the record, today was not a complete wash. I experienced snowboarding envy and I cleaned out my inbox, (current count: 24.)

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30 for 30, day 19. The Swap

26 Nov

Today I’m doing something a little different. Brett from silvergirl and I swapped posts today, via Fashion Beauty Friend Friday. Check out her pictures and see what she says:

When Fabienne and I talked about what to write for our blog swap, I asked her to write about her experience with the 30 in 30 challenge.  I wanted to know if had been easier or harder than anticipated and if she was enjoying it.  Mostly I was interested in why and how she decided to participate.

As for myself, I struggled with whether or not to participate.  I kept telling myself, “I am new to all of this and I am not ready”.  Ultimately that little voice won out and I DID NOT participate.  This has been a decision that I have regretted from almost the first day.

Here are the 5 things I learned by NOT participating:

  1. Don’t be scared of a new challenge even if you have no idea of what you are doing.
  2. Take a risk whether it is picking out 30 items of clothing that are interchangeable or something much bigger than that.
  3. Be willing to be silly and accept that things usually don’t go as we expect them to.  Expectations are highly over-rated!
  4. Don’t sit on the sidelines and watch everyone around you having all of the fun.  Jump in and have fun with them.
  5. What would have been the WORST thing that could have happened if I had participated?  Bloggers descending on my home and ripping up my clothes for bad fashion choices???  Seriously!

My new found wisdom has made me realize that these lessons not only apply to the next fashion challenge, but to my every day life as well.  Next time another challenge is presented to me, fashion related or much bigger and complicated ~ I will jump in, keep my head up, promote confidence and enjoy the experience where I can.  Even if I do fail, I will be a winner just for trying and taking a risk!

Thanks for letting me wax poetic and don’t be surprised if sometime in the future I am participating in my own private 30 in 30, just to prove to myself that I can do it.

Deets: Striped denim shirt/GAP, brown velvet jacket/J.Jill, jeans/Old Navy, shoes/Unisa, earrings/Handpicked, necklace/Charlotte Russe.


For my outfit today, check out Brett’s blog.


Moving Forward

24 Nov

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30 for 30, day 17. Being Grateful.

24 Nov
Don’t mind me, just looking for a snail

Keepin’ it real with these very visible socks*

Some days aren’t just better with doughnuts, they’re even better with friends. Fast forward to a hug from one of my best friends today, a kindness he showed me after my liberal use of unsavory language to describe a frustrating situation. No judgment, just a hug. That and perspective. By day’s end my world was no longer stuck working a bad clutch in a gear too slow to move nimbly through the figurative holiday traffic.

Certain friendships, of magnitudes great and small, bring me comfort and confidence. Within the confines of these relationships I have the confidence to be myself in every fantastic, ridiculous, photogenic, awkward, intelligent, coherent, stuttering, coffee-spilling, graceful and smiling way knowing I am loved.

With this love I move forward examining myself when I’m not at my best, (and why am I not anyway?) Can’t this love multiply within me and can’t I let it be in the driver’s seat today and every day? I’m grateful for asking these questions and always striving for answers. We are all a work in progress, after all.

One could say I’m grateful for quite a lot. That’s what it’s all about. That, the Hokey Pokey and dark chocolate every morning.

E-v-e-r-y Morning. C’mon, it’s chocolate! It’s good for you.

Deets: Red shimmer turtleneck/Express, red sweater shrug/BCBG, grey ankle length pants/Express, black and silver striped wool socks/unknown, grey striped elastic top slip-on shoes/Munro, necklace/Alexis Bittar.

* True story: My coworker said I looked like a Christmas ornament. I told him to think of me as the Christmas tree angel. I then posed to demonstrate my potential.


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30 for 30, day 16. Rocker Girl.

23 Nov
That’s my rocker chick pose

I was trying not to freeze without my jacket on

Some days are better with a doughnut. I started the day by nixing my original outfit then trying different ways to accessorize, all of which left me feeling ho hum with a huge mess to clean up later. When I realized how late I was running, I dashed out the door wearing what you see, complete with rocker hair, (which I swear was just way bigger in real life.)

As it turned out, this combo came together surprisingly well. The little touches of lace added personality whereas I might have otherwise ended up feeling a little plain. Not bad for a day that included last minute outfit changes, toothpaste drips on pants and the major sadness of a new stain on my cyan puffy birthday jacket.

And let’s not forget that hair.

(Just in case you were curious, I had a doughnut at lunch.)

Deets: Green cashmere pullover sweater/Bloomingdale’s, pewter tank top/Nordstrom’s, cream lace scarf/Urban Outfitters, dusty rose pin/Georgiou, sage cargo pants/J Brand, Anthropologie, black ankle boots, Munro, cat eye sunglasses/Michael Kors.

Yo, check it: Statements In Fashion’s Spotted Moth Giveaway! Collette has good articles, Spotted Moth has cute stuff. Have Fun!


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30 for 30, day 15. Brrrrrr!

22 Nov
Oh snowboarding beanie*, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

These digits don’t get cold

That skirt is becoming a favorite

Sans cardi

Today, it got cold. Not ice-on-the-road cold, just cold. It was 77° when I started the challenge and I’m having to get really creative with the layering.

Today was almost bust. My outfit was ok, actually, I was quite proud of wearing legwarmers again and matching one of my aprés-ski beanies to the sweater skirt. But I came home tonight, stared at my closet and thought I have nothing to wear. Yep, it’s happening.

But I’m not giving up. If I have to throw that black t-shirt over every outfit I’ve worn and call it a remix, I’m gonna. Don’t dare me.

You know why I’m not giving up? Because I believe that I can do it. Every day, I check all the blogs I’ve started to follow then I check a couple new ones out. I have to tell you I am amazed at your creativity. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me. What have you found helpful? Inspiring? Share please!

Here are a few of mine:
• Emma wearing her sweater backwards
• Angie layering a cardi over a shirt over a dress
• Kiera’s sense of humor about her photos the other day

There’s a lot more but I tweaked my back today getting out of bed, (smooth move…), and really need to go lay down. My husband said that’s what happens when you get old. Doesn’t he see my legwarmers? I’m not old, I’ve just been alive a long time. (FTW!) And I’m enjoying every minute of denial, while keeping my legs very, very warm.

Deets: Slouchy burgundy boyfriend sweater/BDG, Urban Outfitters, (Yes, I DO live in that sweater now, what of it?), green chartreuse blouse/ModCloth, black scoop-neck t-shirt/Michael Stars, recycled sweater skirt/Urban Outfitters, black skinny belt/Nordstrom’s, burgundy angora scarf/gifted, beanie/Mountain Hardware, orange wool gloves/Old Navy, black tights/Hue, black ballet flats/Ecco.

* That’s not meant to imply I’d ride in a beanie. My valuable head is beautifully protected by a helmet. I’m not hurling that thing down any steeps without protection. The beanie covers the glorious helmet hair after the fact.

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30 for 30, day 14. Cookies!

21 Nov
Weekend wonder woman, about to tackle the rest of the chores while wearing a side braid

I gave myself so many points for pinning that dusty rose flower onto my sweater

Legwarmers, not just for Flashdance themed parties.

Cookies were in order but there weren’t any at home. There were two but I ate them so it didn’t count.

Ever have one of those days when you really, really want something? Like cookies? I’d already gone running for an hour and I was just starting in on everything I managed to avoid doing yesterday, like getting the dining room ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

No biggie, if you don’t mind the sewing station set up on the camping table, the fact that we don’t have a dining table, (didn’t need one in our loft), and all the mail, bills and paperwork to be filed end up in that room. In neat stacks on the floor. I’m organized, I’m just messy about it sometimes.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget those last two boxes that we didn’t unpack when we moved in a few months ago. Sigh.

A girl’s gotta improvise! Everything got moved and put away, filed and, as a last ditch effort in the name of Gettin’ It Done, just hidden from view. The outdoor patio table got cleaned off and has a lovely tablecloth over it and now fits 6 small people. 

Lastly, I shoved a handful of dark chocolate, (Dagoba New Moon, 74% cacao), and pecans, alternating between the two as I created Sunday’s ghetto fabulous chocolate delight. Then the hubby practiced making some new divine concoctions and got his wifey tipsy for a few minutes.

But nothing stops the incredible productivity machine! I just got done making soup: Potato bok choy soup. It’s my totally made-up version of potato leek. We accidentally ended up with way too much bok choy, it’s a long story.

By the way, it got cold today. To be clear, it was “California” cold, not the other kind. I finally got to use the legwarmers.

Deets: Green cashmere pullover sweater/Bloomingdale’s, Pink base layer/Mountain Hardware, (no, it’s not in my remix, it’s technically an underwear-type thingy, Remixed black dance pants/Lululemon, Legwarmers/H&M, Black and silver striped socks/Unknown, no shoes.


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