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30 in 30

07 Nov
My favorite slippers.

I decided to rise to the challenge. Create 30 mix-and-match outfits from 30 items, accessories not included, and wear them for the next 30 days. Oh, and no shopping (gulp).

It’s a great exercise in creativity and thrift right in time for the holiday spend-a-thon. I’m pretty excited about it, actually. I love clothes. And dressing up. A lot. I read about this on Kendi’s blog. My interest was piqued enough to launch my own blog and document the whole shebang.

I’ve also started sewing. First I broke the machine. Then I picked it up from the repair shop. Then I made an owl costume from scratch for Halloween without patterns or, to be frank, any clue what I was doing. Where I lack in experience I make up for in foolhardy confidence. I intend to leverage that confidence into some cute outfits for myself. The experiment shall be made public.

Today is the day I go through my closet. I’m wearing my most comfortable, practically threadbare down slippers. The countdown starts tomorrow.

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Hiking Style

07 Nov

Last month, my husband Fil and I visited family in Sandpoint, Idaho. Later, I was accused of texting in the woods. (I wasn’t, not that I wouldn’t.) I obsessively shot every different type of mushroom I saw. I couldn’t believe the diversity.

The waterproof shell is my snowboarding jacket, Arc’Teryx. If you’re into gear sports, this brand can’t be beat. The borrowed hot pink puffy sweater is Burton. The ankle cigarette jeans are BDG from Urban Outfitters and the borrowed Wellies are from Target.

I was also accused of being too stylish but I was really dressed from comfort and warmth.