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30 for 30, day 2

09 Nov
Fun with Fall colors
Cuff made from vintage kimono

You caught that, right? I’ve been calling it “30 in 30″. That’s questionable-grade attention to detail.

Speaking of details, today’s outfit features a cuff made from vintage kimonos. How cool is that? I picked it up at RE4M, which offers reduced-guilt shopping. Check it.

My husband said I looked like a hipster today. He’s just coming to terms with the realization that he’s one by definition. J Brand pants, from Anthro, fit like a stylish glove. I topped them with a thin, black turtleneck, from Benetton. A touch of aqua from a long tank peeked beneath and teased out the soft sage of the cargo pants. Yeah, they were as soft as they look. No, softer. I’m going to wear these pants a million times.

The eternity scarf was knitted by my friend Stacy, she probably has no idea how much wear I’ve gotten out of it in the last couple of years. The beautiful necklace peering below was a recent birthday gift. I kept cozy with a slouchy burgundy boyfriend cardi, BDG from Urban Outfitters. Black ankle boots, Munro.


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30 in 30, day 1

09 Nov
I love the white lotus on the tunic.
Grey tunic over sheer blouse with leggings.

I’m pretty certain I’ve made this much more difficult on myself than necessary upon discovering that I have very few basics. In some ways I feel a little like I’m cheating because some of these pieces are new. So, in order to balance things out, I’ve decided to throw in some older problem children. You know, those pieces you love but can’t ever figure out how to wear. Yeah, those.

That cute ruffly shear patterned thing under the tunic? That’s the one. Now I know why a Laundry piece was nicely discounted at Marshall’s. It’s impossible to wear. Ultimately, it needs a to be worn with a strapless bra, (which will show in an unflattering manner, don’t kid yourself), no halter strap combo has ever gone unnoticed. It’s weird, really. But adorable! Oh, the delicate fabric, so diaphanous, so… complicated. It’s been on probation many times and yet I held on to it. This was the first successful attempt at working with it. I basically hid all the problem areas with the tunic, which I found in the Haight about 3 years ago. The lightweight, grey, Japanese-influenced tunic with white silk-screened lotus on either side is quite endearing, though as a dress is vertically challenged.

Enter the Hue leggings, purchased at the eleventh hour, to help me ease into this experiment. Last, but not least, and in no way interesting: the boots. Brown man-made suede. Kinda cute. Alas, my shoes will never be interesting. I have to wear, (boring), custom orthotics, and barring nurse shoes, my options are sadly restricted while my feet rejoice in their newly-found pain-free existence. There will be very little mention of my shoes. It’s a lifestyle choice I’ve made peace with.

No one mentioned my outfit at work but I was complimented six times on my hair.

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