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30 for 30, day 3. C’mon, Vogue…

10 Nov
All that’s missing is a cocktail in hand

Just look at the size of this buckle!

A modesty shrug for warmth

Let your body move to the music. Oh, I couldn’t resist. This outfit is way too glamorous to take seriously. I mean, just look at the magnitude of that buckle or the cutaway on the sleeves of that top.

Today, my friend at work asked if I’m buying all new clothes for this “thing I’m doing.” I’m proud to say that this outfit is practically vintage in my closet. The bebe skirt’s original purpose was to attend a wedding. It’s only made a couple of appearances in the last five years because, frankly, I was never sure how to wear it. That skirt is a total scene.

The equally gregarious top is something I picked up on Haight street at least eight years ago. I’ve always felt conscious wearing the cutaway sleeves to work but it’s never actually stopped me. I’ve always been fond of the pattern and color scheme. Until it hit me this morning I never, ever considered wearing them together. Who knew?

I layered a wraparound BCBG shrug for added warmth and modesty-at-will around those bare upper arms. The black tights and boots brought the rest of the outfit slightly back down to reality. Still, this outfit is not for the faint of heart.

The black ginkgo earrings are hand-carved and made of wood, they were my wedding earrings. I only have three pairs of earrings I wear regularly. The silver and mother-of-pearl Lois Hill ring matches a bracelet and necklace that my husband bought for me as a birthday and anniversary gift, respectively. I never wear all three at once. That would just be absurd. Two? Of course.


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Basic math fail

10 Nov

Here they are, all 30, er, 28 items. In my shuffling, adding and eliminating, I ended up two items short. The pleasant surprise of having just figured this out makes it a little like finding money in the pocket of an old pair of jeans. I’m practically giddy. At this point, it could just be sleep deprivation. (Pictures coming soon.)

Notice the cyan popsicle t-shirt, <3!
Three sweaters and a blazer
I snuck in a pair of casual dance pants
I wore one of these to a wedding
It’s an explosion of lace
I could walk in these all day
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