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30 for 30, day 4. Buttons, how do I love thee?

11 Nov
Why, hello there, stranger
I’m quite fond of these delicate buttons

Oh I do, I do, I do! There must be a hundred, or at least 30, exquisite buttons on this blouse from modcloth. Avocado pattern perfection. A gathered neckline and cuffs add drama to this lightweight beauty.

The friendly hand-knitted black scarf is another gift from my skilled friend, Stacy, and has developed quite a relationship with numerous items in my wardrobe. Yeah, it gets around.

The gray pants from Express were purchased with the assistance of a friend, who’s sole criteria was that they also looked great from behind, and happen to take me out to dinner tonight so I’m not complaining. They’re a staple in my wardrobe, easy enough to work with most items, and yeah, they look good from all sides, as all good clothes should.

Black ankle boots, Munro.

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