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30 for 30, day 5. Helmet rating, TBD

12 Nov
Business as usual

Today’s outfit is brought to you by Acme Safety Helmets. No, not really. I just made that up. My husband and I joke around about Big Hair. We assign safety helmet ratings. For example, my hair today earned an 8.5. That’s why I chose the picture where I look all dreamy, my head is tilted back, avoiding visible rating.

Just trust me on this.

Maybe I’m pondering which of these rushed snapshots are going to do this outfit justice. Black on black on black. With black. Or maybe I’m pondering the secret weight of my hair.

This skirt is my newest, most favoritest Urban Outfitters skirt ever. I made that word up, I know. It’s short, (yay!), and most importantly it was made of recycled sweaters. How cool is that? I want to rush out and buy some old sweaters of my own and make one. In 25 days, that is. I’m gonna make that sewing machine my… oh, never mind.

The fully lined Sparkle and Fade black boyfriend blazer adds a touch of business-as-usual to this little number. Just letting the world know I mean business over here. In my garden. Leaning on some bricks. The matte black opaque Hue tights offset the shimmery Michael Stars t-shirt.

Earrings, green glass plugs. Gifted Alexis Bittar necklace. Black ankle boots, Munro.


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