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30 for 30, day 7

14 Nov
Professional poker face

Hoo. Hoo. Hoo. Meow.

Rockin’ the new ‘do!

Finally, one of the missing two. Remember my basic math fail? I’m adding this yellow t-shirt from Shana Logic along with a purple dress, debut TBD.

I might have a mild stomach bug. I’ve been nauseated off-and-on for three days. I’m trying really hard not to look like I’m going to toss my cookies. This isn’t stopping me from having a gluten-free beer right now. Maybe the carbonation will help, nothing else has.

I never knew I had such a good poker face until I was called out a few months ago, it would seem this poker face comes in handy on a day like today. It’s almost like a super power, except for the super part.

I didn’t leave the house today. Laundry and housey chores equal indoor crocs, these puppies will never be seen in public. I’m only wearing them in the photo so that you don’t see my bare feet sporting what’s left of last month’s pedi.

Cynthia Rowley scarf from Marshall’s would add life to this get-up if I were to leave the house. Alas, it was a prop for the photo and since the Bay Area hasn’t recognized the seasons changing, it was technically too warm to wear a scarf indoors. Black Lululemon dance pants rock my casual world.

Hand-carved wood earrings purchased in Chicago. (Thanks, Charles, for not letting me leave without buying them!) Three kitties ring, gifted.

Yes, I know there are two pictures of my face. I wanted you to pay attention to how totally dope my hair looks. Nicole just cut and colored it. If you live near San Francisco, you gotta check out her skills at Grasshopper in South Park. You just gotta! Someday, a “before” picture will surface and the significance of my excitement will be justified.


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30 for 30, day 6. Popsicle!

14 Nov
Check out all that mint behind me. Mint Juleps!

Another Threadless t-shirt

Clash of the Titans anyone?

This is where I really struggle. I probably wear some variation of the exact same thing every single weekend. For that reason alone I had to step it up a few months ago when I made my first pilgrimage to Lululemon. I had to upgrade my running pants when it finally dawned on me that, no, I had not just lost a lot of weight, the elastic in my 7 year old pants had finally stretched itself into oblivion.

I digress slightly. Unless I have “Somewhere to Go”, I don’t really dress to tool around the house or garden. I wear the same Lululemon weekend pants, (one of two), and either a tank top or one of my numerous Threadless t-shirts. Introducing one of my fave’s: Popsicle! A gift from my husband right around the time I was obsessing over the cutest popsicle toddler video ever.

The baby blue wool long sleeve underneath is not in my remix because it’s one of my snowboarding/winter running base layers. In non-gearhead terms, it’s technically underwear. The J Brand cargos made a dressier appearance earlier in the week, (I’m remixing already. What does that say about my choices?)

The UO owl necklace was demoted, or promoted, based on how you see it, to the belt loop. Wearing a long necklace when preparing a meal is less than ideal so I got crafty.

Striped slip-on shoes, Munro.

Just because I like you this much, here’s a photo of the sunset my friend Telene and I watched. It was pretty incredible.

One of many pictures taken from the best seat in the house
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