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30 for 30, day 8. Citation time.

15 Nov
Me and Hootie

My lightweight championship belt
Perhaps if I weren’t so lazy, I’d find my book of citations and I’d cite myself.
It would look something like this: Too many owls, illegal. Yes, I know, I’m sporting an owl for the THIRD day in a row and it’s not even part of my outfit! I was innocently getting dressed when Hootie caught my eye and I realized we matched. I couldn’t resist the compulsion to pose together. I mean, what are the odds?
For a creative person, I practically go out of my way to give certain items the most obvious names. Hamie The Hamster, (short for Hamilton. Please.) Hootie The Owl. However, if I ever have a schnauzer I’m going to name him Helmut Quattro Jach. If you can guess what the logic behind that one is, um, cool.
It was 77 degrees today and I had to take the previously remixed boyfriend blazer off. My Andre the Giant from Nordstrom’s belt worked just as well flying solo on this mustard delight of a dress from ModCloth. It’s not really Andre’s belt, someone called it that once and I thought it was funny. I’m really digging the lace detail on the neckline. It makes me feel über-girlie.
Modesty, once again, came in the form of black Hue leggings. The bracelet around my wrist is actually a necklace from the nebulous “somewheres”, (Claire’s? Nordstrom’s?), and the vintage pin used to be my mom’s, or Mami, as I call her.
Brown man-made suede boots, Munro.
Side note: I work at the corporate headquarters of my company. Today, it was announced that we can wear jeans for a whole month as a reward for something my department exceeded in. I don’t have a single pair of jeans in my remix.

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Who needs sleep?

15 Nov

Apparently, I do. But if I didn’t I would already have gone through Kendi’s list of remix participants. I’m a curious animal, I want to see who’s doin’ it rite. Yeah, lolcats. Must. Stop. Self.

I’ve decided that once I catch up I’ll work one letter of the alphabet per day until the end of the remix. I dream big, people. I’ve already figured out a few things. I like humor. I like creative individuals with a sense of humor. Especially when they have a sense of themselves, and when that sense translates well into style. I love good photography composition. I can’t believe how many participants are mothers. What, don’t you need to sleep?


And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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