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30 for 30, day 13. Keep moving, folks.

20 Nov

Nothing to see here. Move along, people. Ahhhh, well, so what happened is that the dog ate my homework. Um, ok, I just ended going straight from PJ’s to work-out clothes, to grocery store, to home, back to PJ’s. I had the outfit, I just never got into the outfit.

And trust me, you don’t need to see what I look like when I’m wearing my work-out clothes because I only wear them when I’m working out. The clothes are just fine, thank you. It’s the other part of the equation that has issues. No make-up, sweaty, ok, really sweaty, bad hair in a pony tail, sweaty.

Did I mention the sweat? I would much rather you envision me as a gym angel™. You know the ones who always look super hot and cute, they’re bright-eyed and their cheeks get just flushed enough, they never have to pant audibly or choke trying to get the last drop from the water bottle. I, on the other hand, I get crazy eye* after running and sprinting for an hour.

But I’m running for AN HOUR. How kick-ass is that? I don’t care what I look like when I’m done. Seriously.

But I am sweaty. No picture for you.

Gym Angel™: I just made that up. They’re kind of mythical, like airbrushed unicorns.
* From the movie “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou”


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30 for 30, day 12. Gotta have that funk!

20 Nov
My contemporary version of Stevie Nicks’ leather and lace

The big black zipper down the back totally makes this dress… AWESOME!

Rich orchid colors add life to this outfit

Flashliiiight… That’s me trying to sing in the restaurant to give my husband a hint of who we’re about to go see. Thankfully, I had my adult beverages completely under control and my attempt at impersonating The Godfather of Funk went unnoticed by the staff.

George Clinton delivered. I was in the mood for a surprise, both for my husband and myself. Tickets announced. Friend posted on Facebook. Tickets purchased. It was that easy. The biggest cherry on top was running into one of my dearest long-time friends in line. (Second in line, I might add.) I was so happy to see her, so happy bouncing to the music all night, the night was a success through and through.

The outfit: It was comfortable and lasted until 1am, when I exchanged it for my soft pink and white striped fuzzy fleece pj’s. (Still wearing them, btw.) It’s gonna be a full day once I get going. See how I made updating the blog a priority? Feh you, feh you… I’m puttin’ up on the flagpole. No one’s going to get what I’m talking about. I shouldn’t use private jokes in a public setting. Ok, someday I’ll tell the story. Here’s a hint: It goes back a number of years, it involves a local TV station and some late night programming. NO, it’s not dirty. Just silly. It’s just become a little bit of a meme amongst my friends.

Friday, I was referred to as Excalibur. My friend at work said I was missing a shield, a sword and a helmet. Dude, if you make it, I’ll wear it! That’s all I have to say.

I hope your Friday was just as fun as mine!

Deets: Remixed black turtleneck/Benetton, Cream lace dress/YaYa Nom de Plume, Jeremy’s, Black studded belt/Unknown, Black opaque tights/Hue, Black ankle boots, Munro, Flower bracelet/Anthro, Necklace/Alexis Bittar.


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