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30 for 30, day 14. Cookies!

21 Nov
Weekend wonder woman, about to tackle the rest of the chores while wearing a side braid

I gave myself so many points for pinning that dusty rose flower onto my sweater

Legwarmers, not just for Flashdance themed parties.

Cookies were in order but there weren’t any at home. There were two but I ate them so it didn’t count.

Ever have one of those days when you really, really want something? Like cookies? I’d already gone running for an hour and I was just starting in on everything I managed to avoid doing yesterday, like getting the dining room ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

No biggie, if you don’t mind the sewing station set up on the camping table, the fact that we don’t have a dining table, (didn’t need one in our loft), and all the mail, bills and paperwork to be filed end up in that room. In neat stacks on the floor. I’m organized, I’m just messy about it sometimes.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget those last two boxes that we didn’t unpack when we moved in a few months ago. Sigh.

A girl’s gotta improvise! Everything got moved and put away, filed and, as a last ditch effort in the name of Gettin’ It Done, just hidden from view. The outdoor patio table got cleaned off and has a lovely tablecloth over it and now fits 6 small people. 

Lastly, I shoved a handful of dark chocolate, (Dagoba New Moon, 74% cacao), and pecans, alternating between the two as I created Sunday’s ghetto fabulous chocolate delight. Then the hubby practiced making some new divine concoctions and got his wifey tipsy for a few minutes.

But nothing stops the incredible productivity machine! I just got done making soup: Potato bok choy soup. It’s my totally made-up version of potato leek. We accidentally ended up with way too much bok choy, it’s a long story.

By the way, it got cold today. To be clear, it was “California” cold, not the other kind. I finally got to use the legwarmers.

Deets: Green cashmere pullover sweater/Bloomingdale’s, Pink base layer/Mountain Hardware, (no, it’s not in my remix, it’s technically an underwear-type thingy, Remixed black dance pants/Lululemon, Legwarmers/H&M, Black and silver striped socks/Unknown, no shoes.


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