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30 for 30, day 15. Brrrrrr!

22 Nov
Oh snowboarding beanie*, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

These digits don’t get cold

That skirt is becoming a favorite

Sans cardi

Today, it got cold. Not ice-on-the-road cold, just cold. It was 77° when I started the challenge and I’m having to get really creative with the layering.

Today was almost bust. My outfit was ok, actually, I was quite proud of wearing legwarmers again and matching one of my aprés-ski beanies to the sweater skirt. But I came home tonight, stared at my closet and thought I have nothing to wear. Yep, it’s happening.

But I’m not giving up. If I have to throw that black t-shirt over every outfit I’ve worn and call it a remix, I’m gonna. Don’t dare me.

You know why I’m not giving up? Because I believe that I can do it. Every day, I check all the blogs I’ve started to follow then I check a couple new ones out. I have to tell you I am amazed at your creativity. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me. What have you found helpful? Inspiring? Share please!

Here are a few of mine:
• Emma wearing her sweater backwards
• Angie layering a cardi over a shirt over a dress
• Kiera’s sense of humor about her photos the other day

There’s a lot more but I tweaked my back today getting out of bed, (smooth move…), and really need to go lay down. My husband said that’s what happens when you get old. Doesn’t he see my legwarmers? I’m not old, I’ve just been alive a long time. (FTW!) And I’m enjoying every minute of denial, while keeping my legs very, very warm.

Deets: Slouchy burgundy boyfriend sweater/BDG, Urban Outfitters, (Yes, I DO live in that sweater now, what of it?), green chartreuse blouse/ModCloth, black scoop-neck t-shirt/Michael Stars, recycled sweater skirt/Urban Outfitters, black skinny belt/Nordstrom’s, burgundy angora scarf/gifted, beanie/Mountain Hardware, orange wool gloves/Old Navy, black tights/Hue, black ballet flats/Ecco.

* That’s not meant to imply I’d ride in a beanie. My valuable head is beautifully protected by a helmet. I’m not hurling that thing down any steeps without protection. The beanie covers the glorious helmet hair after the fact.

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