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30 for 30, day 13. Keep moving, folks.

20 Nov

Nothing to see here. Move along, people. Ahhhh, well, so what happened is that the dog ate my homework. Um, ok, I just ended going straight from PJ’s to work-out clothes, to grocery store, to home, back to PJ’s. I had the outfit, I just never got into the outfit.

And trust me, you don’t need to see what I look like when I’m wearing my work-out clothes because I only wear them when I’m working out. The clothes are just fine, thank you. It’s the other part of the equation that has issues. No make-up, sweaty, ok, really sweaty, bad hair in a pony tail, sweaty.

Did I mention the sweat? I would much rather you envision me as a gym angel™. You know the ones who always look super hot and cute, they’re bright-eyed and their cheeks get just flushed enough, they never have to pant audibly or choke trying to get the last drop from the water bottle. I, on the other hand, I get crazy eye* after running and sprinting for an hour.

But I’m running for AN HOUR. How kick-ass is that? I don’t care what I look like when I’m done. Seriously.

But I am sweaty. No picture for you.

Gym Angel™: I just made that up. They’re kind of mythical, like airbrushed unicorns.
* From the movie “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou”


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30 for 30, day 12. Gotta have that funk!

20 Nov
My contemporary version of Stevie Nicks’ leather and lace

The big black zipper down the back totally makes this dress… AWESOME!

Rich orchid colors add life to this outfit

Flashliiiight… That’s me trying to sing in the restaurant to give my husband a hint of who we’re about to go see. Thankfully, I had my adult beverages completely under control and my attempt at impersonating The Godfather of Funk went unnoticed by the staff.

George Clinton delivered. I was in the mood for a surprise, both for my husband and myself. Tickets announced. Friend posted on Facebook. Tickets purchased. It was that easy. The biggest cherry on top was running into one of my dearest long-time friends in line. (Second in line, I might add.) I was so happy to see her, so happy bouncing to the music all night, the night was a success through and through.

The outfit: It was comfortable and lasted until 1am, when I exchanged it for my soft pink and white striped fuzzy fleece pj’s. (Still wearing them, btw.) It’s gonna be a full day once I get going. See how I made updating the blog a priority? Feh you, feh you… I’m puttin’ up on the flagpole. No one’s going to get what I’m talking about. I shouldn’t use private jokes in a public setting. Ok, someday I’ll tell the story. Here’s a hint: It goes back a number of years, it involves a local TV station and some late night programming. NO, it’s not dirty. Just silly. It’s just become a little bit of a meme amongst my friends.

Friday, I was referred to as Excalibur. My friend at work said I was missing a shield, a sword and a helmet. Dude, if you make it, I’ll wear it! That’s all I have to say.

I hope your Friday was just as fun as mine!

Deets: Remixed black turtleneck/Benetton, Cream lace dress/YaYa Nom de Plume, Jeremy’s, Black studded belt/Unknown, Black opaque tights/Hue, Black ankle boots, Munro, Flower bracelet/Anthro, Necklace/Alexis Bittar.


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30 for 30, day 11. Behold the magnificent ruffles!

18 Nov
Can I get you some fries with that, hon?

It’s formal, but it says I like to party

“You need two beer steins.” “Or a basket of fresh eggs, like you came straight from the farm.” There was also some reference made to Pipi Longstocking.

Yes, these were just a smattering of comments made about my outfit today. The most awesome part? This is the outfit I chose to wear… wait for it… to have lunch with the VP of my entire department. I’m either a bold woman, or completely clueless. Or a dainty collision of both. The classy lady that she is, it never came up. Never mind that I wore my coat the whole time, thankfully we were sitting outside and it was chilly.

In all fairness, I was thinking more along the lines of being formal, but liking to party* with the tuxedo t-shirt. Behold the magnificence of the ruffles! I had also planned to wear this fun-loving outfit with teal tights and short black ankle boots. I chickened out when it became very apparent that the brightness of the tights really highlighted how petite this skirt was. Since I’m not ready to lose my job yet, I swapped the tights for leggings. It was bad enough that I ended up looking like the conservative version of the St. Pauli’s girl.

Beer, anyone?

I’m going to briefly steer you over to my hair. The side ponytail in all its fluffy glory. Yes, that. I’ve really been inspired by all you ladies and decided to be daring. I’ve never pulled it off before. I promised myself that I would not fuss with it, not take it out and re-do it, nada. Challenging as it was, the stylish do lasted until I popped into a hot bath to warm my cold, cold feets. Done!

I gotta go, guys. I’m gonna be late to my waitressing job at the Hofbrau.

Deets: T-shirt/Icon Factory, remixed sweater skirt/Urban Outfitters, black leggings/Hue, black skinny belt/Nordstrom’s, elastic top slip-ons/Munro, kitty ring/gifted.

*One of my favorite quotes from “Talledega Nights, The Legend of Ricky Bobby,” as probably misquoted by me.

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30 for 30, day 10.

17 Nov
My fingers are totally in focus. Whew!

Stitched ribbon detail really make this blouse

That, my friends, is the face of one tired cookie. As I heard the sound of music from my bed this morning, I distinctly remember thinking that I could keep right on sleeping since it was Saturday. It’s not. Drats!

I’m going to keep it short and sweet and go to be early tonight. I’ll leave you with this:

“Sorry, you’re a show stopper any day, but my matsu history chokes me up to be able to more smoothly say how great you look today!

Isn’t this weather incredible. A tinge of ominous though. Anyway, don’t cause too many accidents out there:)” – Matsu

That’s an email my friend at work sent me on Monday in regards to my outfit. He has quite a colorful way with words. One I have much appreciation for. He tells equally fantastic and scenic stories.

May all your days be filled with colorful appreciation, Lovelies. Good night.

Deets: Remixed slouchy burgundy boyfriend cardi/BDG, Urban Outfitters, sheer red blouse with stitched ribbon detail/Max Studio, remixed cargo pants/J Brand, Anthropologie, patterned tank top/unknown, black ankle boots/Munro, silver and mother-of-pearl necklace and cuff/Lois Hill.


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30 for 30, day 9. Confessions.

16 Nov
Purple and red. Not just for The Tudors*

That’s no brooch, that’s a barrette, baby!

Three’s company: Lace, leather and suede

Time for a confession. I love this dress, it’s one of my favorites. I’ve easily worn it too many times to count last year. It’s perfect and soft and flowy and beautifully purple, the cut is forgiving enough that it’s flattering no matter what kind of day I’m having.

And I’ve never worn it this way. I really pushed myself to leave my favorite deep aqua cashmere cardi out of the remix. It would have been too easy, it matches practically everything in my closet. I used to wear this dress with said cardi.

Sometimes I think purple was just made to go with red. So regal. I didn’t need the sweater most of the day, the red accents came in the form of a red brooch and skinny belt.

I really wanted to wear the over-sized flower on my wrist but it kept flopping around. I’m going to find some good ribbon and secure it differently next time. A girl’s gotta get creative when using hair accessories for other purposes.

Grey lacy flower tights ended at the pretty bows on my comfortable ballet flats.

Deets: Purple dress/Brass Plum, red sweater/BCBG, red skinny belt/Georgiou, red barrette/unknown, flower tights/Nordstrom’s, black flats, Ecco.

* This brings to mind one of my favorite quotes: “If you can’t be good, be the least bad you can be.” – The Tudors.


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30 for 30, day 8. Citation time.

15 Nov
Me and Hootie

My lightweight championship belt
Perhaps if I weren’t so lazy, I’d find my book of citations and I’d cite myself.
It would look something like this: Too many owls, illegal. Yes, I know, I’m sporting an owl for the THIRD day in a row and it’s not even part of my outfit! I was innocently getting dressed when Hootie caught my eye and I realized we matched. I couldn’t resist the compulsion to pose together. I mean, what are the odds?
For a creative person, I practically go out of my way to give certain items the most obvious names. Hamie The Hamster, (short for Hamilton. Please.) Hootie The Owl. However, if I ever have a schnauzer I’m going to name him Helmut Quattro Jach. If you can guess what the logic behind that one is, um, cool.
It was 77 degrees today and I had to take the previously remixed boyfriend blazer off. My Andre the Giant from Nordstrom’s belt worked just as well flying solo on this mustard delight of a dress from ModCloth. It’s not really Andre’s belt, someone called it that once and I thought it was funny. I’m really digging the lace detail on the neckline. It makes me feel über-girlie.
Modesty, once again, came in the form of black Hue leggings. The bracelet around my wrist is actually a necklace from the nebulous “somewheres”, (Claire’s? Nordstrom’s?), and the vintage pin used to be my mom’s, or Mami, as I call her.
Brown man-made suede boots, Munro.
Side note: I work at the corporate headquarters of my company. Today, it was announced that we can wear jeans for a whole month as a reward for something my department exceeded in. I don’t have a single pair of jeans in my remix.

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Who needs sleep?

15 Nov

Apparently, I do. But if I didn’t I would already have gone through Kendi’s list of remix participants. I’m a curious animal, I want to see who’s doin’ it rite. Yeah, lolcats. Must. Stop. Self.

I’ve decided that once I catch up I’ll work one letter of the alphabet per day until the end of the remix. I dream big, people. I’ve already figured out a few things. I like humor. I like creative individuals with a sense of humor. Especially when they have a sense of themselves, and when that sense translates well into style. I love good photography composition. I can’t believe how many participants are mothers. What, don’t you need to sleep?


And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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30 for 30, day 7

14 Nov
Professional poker face

Hoo. Hoo. Hoo. Meow.

Rockin’ the new ‘do!

Finally, one of the missing two. Remember my basic math fail? I’m adding this yellow t-shirt from Shana Logic along with a purple dress, debut TBD.

I might have a mild stomach bug. I’ve been nauseated off-and-on for three days. I’m trying really hard not to look like I’m going to toss my cookies. This isn’t stopping me from having a gluten-free beer right now. Maybe the carbonation will help, nothing else has.

I never knew I had such a good poker face until I was called out a few months ago, it would seem this poker face comes in handy on a day like today. It’s almost like a super power, except for the super part.

I didn’t leave the house today. Laundry and housey chores equal indoor crocs, these puppies will never be seen in public. I’m only wearing them in the photo so that you don’t see my bare feet sporting what’s left of last month’s pedi.

Cynthia Rowley scarf from Marshall’s would add life to this get-up if I were to leave the house. Alas, it was a prop for the photo and since the Bay Area hasn’t recognized the seasons changing, it was technically too warm to wear a scarf indoors. Black Lululemon dance pants rock my casual world.

Hand-carved wood earrings purchased in Chicago. (Thanks, Charles, for not letting me leave without buying them!) Three kitties ring, gifted.

Yes, I know there are two pictures of my face. I wanted you to pay attention to how totally dope my hair looks. Nicole just cut and colored it. If you live near San Francisco, you gotta check out her skills at Grasshopper in South Park. You just gotta! Someday, a “before” picture will surface and the significance of my excitement will be justified.


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30 for 30, day 6. Popsicle!

14 Nov
Check out all that mint behind me. Mint Juleps!

Another Threadless t-shirt

Clash of the Titans anyone?

This is where I really struggle. I probably wear some variation of the exact same thing every single weekend. For that reason alone I had to step it up a few months ago when I made my first pilgrimage to Lululemon. I had to upgrade my running pants when it finally dawned on me that, no, I had not just lost a lot of weight, the elastic in my 7 year old pants had finally stretched itself into oblivion.

I digress slightly. Unless I have “Somewhere to Go”, I don’t really dress to tool around the house or garden. I wear the same Lululemon weekend pants, (one of two), and either a tank top or one of my numerous Threadless t-shirts. Introducing one of my fave’s: Popsicle! A gift from my husband right around the time I was obsessing over the cutest popsicle toddler video ever.

The baby blue wool long sleeve underneath is not in my remix because it’s one of my snowboarding/winter running base layers. In non-gearhead terms, it’s technically underwear. The J Brand cargos made a dressier appearance earlier in the week, (I’m remixing already. What does that say about my choices?)

The UO owl necklace was demoted, or promoted, based on how you see it, to the belt loop. Wearing a long necklace when preparing a meal is less than ideal so I got crafty.

Striped slip-on shoes, Munro.

Just because I like you this much, here’s a photo of the sunset my friend Telene and I watched. It was pretty incredible.

One of many pictures taken from the best seat in the house
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30 for 30, day 5. Helmet rating, TBD

12 Nov
Business as usual

Today’s outfit is brought to you by Acme Safety Helmets. No, not really. I just made that up. My husband and I joke around about Big Hair. We assign safety helmet ratings. For example, my hair today earned an 8.5. That’s why I chose the picture where I look all dreamy, my head is tilted back, avoiding visible rating.

Just trust me on this.

Maybe I’m pondering which of these rushed snapshots are going to do this outfit justice. Black on black on black. With black. Or maybe I’m pondering the secret weight of my hair.

This skirt is my newest, most favoritest Urban Outfitters skirt ever. I made that word up, I know. It’s short, (yay!), and most importantly it was made of recycled sweaters. How cool is that? I want to rush out and buy some old sweaters of my own and make one. In 25 days, that is. I’m gonna make that sewing machine my… oh, never mind.

The fully lined Sparkle and Fade black boyfriend blazer adds a touch of business-as-usual to this little number. Just letting the world know I mean business over here. In my garden. Leaning on some bricks. The matte black opaque Hue tights offset the shimmery Michael Stars t-shirt.

Earrings, green glass plugs. Gifted Alexis Bittar necklace. Black ankle boots, Munro.


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