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30 for 30, day 26. Shower Time.

05 Dec
Let’s take a shower, baby!

Typical California coastline

It was windy enough to do my Titanic impersonation

Great Blue Heron standing 4′ tall!

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary a couple months late with a weekend getaway to Big Sur. We stayed in the cutest cabin amidst giant redwood trees. We could hear the Big Sur river from our deck. It rained off and on all weekend though that didn’t stop us from hiking several hours each day in different parks.*

I managed to (eeck!) pull together the last of my remix options for a lovely romantic dinner at Deetjen’s. The decor is quaint and rustic while remaining beautiful. We were seated close to the fireplace as the resident cat roamed nearby and greeted guests.

Our cutesy cabin offered little in the way of backdrop and it was raining and dark outside. As you can see, the shower is beautiful. Creativity prevails! I was complemented on my “skirt”, which I consider a win for this dress!

On Sunday, we hiked in Andrew Molera State Park. I was compelled to share a couple photos because it was incredibly scenic. The campsite we walked by was deserted with the exception of the locals, a large herd of black-tailed deer and ground squirrels. The most incredible sighting was of a great blue heron. We were eating our sandwiches with the deer watching us curiously when it landed about twenty-five feet away. I was able to get close enough to snap away a series of blurry photos as it took off in flight, and again as it landed again nearby.

This is my second sighting ever. This wading bird stands four feet tall. They’re incredible to watch, my mind was completely blown! I’m a big fan of large birds and raptors, this really made my day! I’ve seen some incredible birds in my life, each time it takes my breath away.

*And in the famous words of my friend Matt, I leave you with this: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear.”

Deets: Dijon dress/Modcloth, chartreuse cashmere sweater/Bloomingdale’s, grey cable-knit tights/unknown, brown man-made suede boots/Munro, necklace/gifted, hand-carved wood earrings/somewhere in Chicago.


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