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09 Dec
Holiday cowgirl?

Love the chain! Yeehaw!


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While some might find themselves watching quality television on a Tuesday night, I was surrounded by a gaggle of cheerleaders. Professional cheerleaders.

I narrowly escaped the slow onslaught of bubbly cheerleader creep closing in on me as I stretched my limbs after running. At first glance I posed a question to myself, (silently, of course!), “a dance troupe?” as they happen to be great in numbers and seemingly limber. On the second occurrence I decided these tiny dancers, (oh yes, they are mostly tiny yet curvy), were loyal Raiders fans; they had branded gym bags and such.

Two nights ago, I spotted a pom-pom sticking out of a bag. Yes! These are the Raiderettes! (Thank you interwebs.) It does makes sense after all: Flagship Club One in Oakland, local football cheerleader practice. While I may not be the sharpest Crayon in the box, I’m proud to say that my Sherlock-like* powers of deduction brought me to  conclusion that I was in a potentially enviable position.

Although it may have been less than ideal for me and my selfish stretching, I don’t suppose many people can claim that they are officially one degree of separation away from a professional football player. Or cheerleader, for that matter.

My question is, am I one or two degrees of separation away?

On a different note, I found a huge beefy slab of, um, beef in the fridge at work today. Unwrapped, just hanging out in a drawer. I made my friend Jose touch it, I had a soupçon* that it was fake.

It added a nice touch of color to offset the monochromatic bit-mapped reindeer dress/tunic/sweater I wore today in addition to the teal leg-warmers peeking out of my vegan cowgirl boots.

Leg-warmers: No longer for the Eighties.

And how has your week been? Are any of you wearing something for the second time around? Just curious. And yes, I wore leg-warmers the first time around. Shhhh… it will be our secret.

Deets: Reindeer tunic dress thing/ModCloth, black leggings/Hue, faux cowgirl boots/ModCloth, teal leg-warmers/unknown, silver and mother-of-pearl cuff and necklace/Lois Hill, hand-carved wood earrings/Chicago.

* Sherlock. A BBC production. Just watched it. Highly recommend it.
† Soupçon: Hint or very small amount, (French). See how I snuck that in?

“Beef” photo by José Rodriguez


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