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30 for 30, Redux

14 Dec

Hi from day2daywear! Fabienne invited me to come over and do a 30 for 30 debrief over here while she is over doing one at my blog. What an awesome idea!!  Fab, can you feed our cat when you are over there too please!! :) Thanks Hon.

When I first started blogging I ready Kendi’s blog religiously.  Man did that girl have great clothes, fun ideas, and COURAGE.  I mean, to pick 30 items and wear only those for 30 days?  So this time around, and 5 months into blogging I thought “Heck, if Kendi can do it, so can I… or at least, I’ll give it a try”.

So for the days leading up to the start line I carefully scanned my closet picking items, trying things on.  I was preparing the same way I prepare for my long distance triathlons. Lay it all out carefully, make sure I have everything, check it twice. Throw in some extra power gels in case (kidding  :).

My first challenge was that at least 80% of my fall/winter clothes were black!!  What really helped me out was the tights, scarves and wide belts. And I know, my brown belt has paid for itself at least 50 times over by now but don’t tell the newbies this.
I don’t know about you (any of you who did the challenge) but I found it SO MUCH EASIER than NOT doing the challenge.  I had less choice and more freedom to be creative. I pulled out ideas that I would never have thought of otherwise.  It made me think outside the box.  I got ideas from other bloggers.  I wore a skirt as a top and I even LAYERED!!  For me, because of my size, I feel like I bulk up too much layering, but I did it anyway and survived!!! 
What did I learn:
1.  I need to go shopping with Emma daily at Daily clothes fix and get more color in my wardrobe
2.  I do NOT need to buy more clothes (disregard point #1)
3.  Accessories are my friend
4.  Thinking out of the box was fun
5.  It’s okay if people laugh at me
6.  There are ALOT of other bloggers out there (thanks for posting the Remixers list Kendi!!)
7.  I have more creativity in me than I thought I did
8.  It was FUN and I will most certainly do it again
9.  If I pick a limited number of items to wear each week it would make my life much easier than having the whole closet to choose from.
10.  Fabienne ROCKS
The outfits you see are among my fav’s!!!  Congrats to all you other mixers, hope you had as much fun as I did!! xoxo J
FJ here. A big shout out to Jodi for playing and to Kendi for starting the whole thing. I highly recommend taking the challenge next time around. It’s really been fun! And for my take on it, check out Jodi’s blog, day2daywear, (and stay a while.)

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