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Who’s Is This Murphy Character?

21 Dec
WinterFest ’10 happening right here on my knees

Happy legs

Because as far as I can tell, I’m not too pleased with that law of his. Not at all. Leave it to bragging about not having gotten sick to start feeling a little under the weather. Swollen glands, check. Tickle in the back of the throat, check. Feeling tired, check.

No less, on a night which I planned months ago to meet a friend for a drink. This is a cruel, cruel trick, Murphy. This is the opposite of festive cheer and peace to all men.
It will be tea for me tonight, alas, and an early bedtime. (By tea, I actually meant Hot Toddy, served by one amazing bartender, Marjan, but the early bedtime still stands.) Let me just add that I got a lot of mileage out of those leggings today. All kinds of cheery holiday mileage.

I know happiness when I wear it!
Deets: Black dress/Max Studio, cranberry ruffle sweater/Moth, Anthropologie, cozy cabin cream leggings/, boots/ModCloth, necklace/gifted, bracelets/gifted, hand-carved wood earrings/Chicago.

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