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Avalanche Lounge

09 Jan

Vacations have a way of, well, being vacations. I had hoped to get more done while away from home but that really defeats the purpose of what a vacation is. Frankly, my desire to get stuff done while on vacation is exactly why I needed one. You’re not supposed to do anything on vacation. You’re supposed to play and have fun, sleep in, wear the same t-shirt six times, (done). It’s coming to a close and I’m sad to be leaving the snow and living with my best friends for ten days.

I have to confess, I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed again!

Makeup and Jeans girl had a Glam It Up Project going for the holidays. Sadly, a realistic assessment of my schedule and this trip made it impossible for me to meet the deadline. I want to give the project props even though I couldn’t participate. I think we can all use a little glamour sometime. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day work, chores, gym (when we’re lucky), personal time. Oh, and sleep. It’s not always easy to pamper and nurture ourselves and remember how glamorous and fabulous we can be.

Glamour is good. I’m a big fan of getting dolled up. I love seeing my friends shine and shimmer. I love a good drapey fabric and some over-the-top accessories. Shiny shoes add bonus points. Especially when I’ve spent the better part of the last week or so wearing a helmet and goggles. My friends and I gave ourselves this opportunity recently with Avalanche Lounge. You got a sneak peak a couple days ago.

Avalanche Lounge is the brainchild of my hubby, Fil, who has a passion for classic and specialty cocktails. We get dressed to the nines, sip cocktails from his custom menu, and enjoy being fabulous for one night.

Today’s my day to deliver the goods! My incredibly talented friend, Peter, set up his lights and took glamorous pictures of us all. I had to share the results with you to make up for all the snowboarding posts. Thanks for hanging in there! I’ll be back home in a couple of days.

Photos: Peter Molettiere

Deets: Black sheer dress/Georgiou, black cloche hat, Goorin Bros., drop earrings/gifted, necklace/Claire’s Boutique, shearling scarf/unknown in Paris, black gloves/Nordstrom’s.


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