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Back in the saddle again

10 Jan
I’m probably wondering why my ankles feel drafty. I know why. My pants are short.

I want pom-poms on everything! It’s like happiness on a string of yarn.

Ladies, and perhaps a gentleman or two, I’m back. Not with a vengeance or anything. Look, we did the right thing by cleaning out the fridge before leaving for ten days. Then we did what any self-respecting couple returning from vacation would do: We returned relaxed and invigorated without any groceries.

Know what that means? No milk. No milk equals no coffee. No coffee means slightly dysfunctional behavior by yours truly. No, I didn’t do anything to that weird dog that barks all the time down the hill. It just means I had a hard time getting dressed.

I really, really wanted to wear my reindeer “dress”, (questionable at best. That’s not a dress, that’s a tunic, baby!*) I really wanted to wear it as an ode to the last ten days spent in a chalet, whish-ing and whir-ring down the snowy slopes. Fine, it was just a house. And did I just make up a couple words? My blog, my grammatical liberties. That’s adrenaline talking to you, my friend. (Just got done running, yay!)

Back to our little problem this morning. Oh, never mind. I changed pants a bunch, and shoes, then finally got the stern lecture about getting to work late on my first day back from vacation from one hubby. I shoved the camera into his hand with the same intensity as said lecture and commanded my picture be taken. Quickly.


Frankly, I can’t believe my hair looked so good. That’s the kind of stuff that goes through my head. Upon closer inspection, I’ve decided that I don’t think I’ll wear those boots with those pants again. Another case of decaffeinated fashion decision gone awry. Unless I’m prepared for that high tide I used to hear about in elementary school. (I was prepared then, too.)

* “That’s not your mother, that’s a man, baby!” – Austin Powers

Photos: Fil Jach

Deets: Reindeer dress/ModCloth, cargo denim jeans/Rich & Skinny, black ankle boots/Munro, silver and mother of pearl necklace and cuff/Lois hill, black ginkgo earrings/Braindrops.


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