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Coming up roses!

19 Jan
I love colors, We Love Colors!

Not much to report on this front, I regret to say. Our household got hit with food poisoning a few days ago and I’ve decided there’s only one thing worse than one person getting it: two people getting it.

I’ll spare you the diatribe I’ve had running through my mind, I’m still soured on the experience. Let’s fast forward to the goodies I just got in the mail.

I couldn’t exactly tell the shade of red I was going to get while placing my tights order online with We Love Colors so I ordered a range. Extravagant, perhaps. Clever, definitely. I will wear them all and now have the right shade for the job when the time comes.

I realize one of these is not like the other but it gives us a starting point. Clockwise from the Dusty Green are Scarlet Red, Red and Rust. Red is closer to a Rhodamine red than a true blue red but they’re all fantastic and I can’t wait to wear them. Overall, the colors are more vibrant than the photo conveys.

That’s not all I got in the mail. I also received a dress that Dotty from DashDotDotty was giving away; it happens to be extra cute and fits me perfectly. Ok, Dotty, I’m ready to accept the rest of your wardrobe! If you haven’t checked her site out, you should. She’s super stylish and classy, you’ll find yourself inspired.

From my vantage point, things are coming up roses again. I’m happy to be able to eat again, even if just a little bit at a time.

I haven’t forgotten that I teased you last Friday with some food for thought regarding favorite body parts. I still want you to think about yours while I finish crafting it. I apologize for delay, that pesky food incident put my life on hold for a few days. I will post it next week. Scout’s honor.


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