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Where’s Waldo?

20 Jan

A little bit of red for contrast via my Old Navy t-shirt worn backwards

Add a poncho and gloves for warmth

And where’s my camera battery charger? I’m sure it’s in the back room along with two loads of laundry that I let air dry when I forgot to put them in the dryer on time Sunday night. Have you ever hung up two loads of laundry? In your house? In just one room? It looks as bad as it sounds. But that’s not all, folks. With today’s purchase you also get three bags of snowboarding gear strewn about. Apparently, to do all that laundry, I had to take everything out of the bags from the weekend trip, and, well, not all of this was done with any grace. Okay, not any of it was done with any grace.

I know what fun, exciting thing is in store for me this weekend. It’s going to be like a treasure hunt in there, I’m going to need some good music to dance fold laundry, search for the charger and clean up to. Any good recommendations?

Today, I wore the new dress I got from Dotty which I mentioned yesterday. Voila! One more little treasure for my closet, I can barely stand how cute it is. I’ve never owned a plaid dress before. I had to shoot inside because the supernatural wind tearing up my little ‘hood in the hills meant business.

I just wasn’t psychologically prepared.

Poncho and scarf photo: Fil Jach

Deets: Plaid dress/gifted, purple tights/unknown, red t-shirt/Old Navy, grey faux cowboy boots/ModCloth, poncho/unknown, angora scarf/gifted, necklace/Anthropologie, earrings/Braindrops, peridot ring/Ambiance, gloves/Nordstrom’s.


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