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Too close for comfort

24 Jan
Troublemaking shoes

Hello there! My dignity is still intact, I haven’t yet taken the tumble.

Vintage hand-carved daisy necklace
Vintage button-turned-ring

Apparently, there’s no more trouble in paradise regarding the color of the year post. I didn’t even have to do too much about it. That’s a win in my book.

Here’s a little story about today’s picture taking moment. The cool brisk air is still. I’ve got a breathtaking view of the bay to my left. The birds are chirping, one is different and I can’t identify it. The resident pigeon, Petie, (he’s handsome and intelligent), flies up to the wire and watches. I tool around with the camera, try to work on the settings. This camera is new, I’m still figuring it out one photo at a time. I could read the manual but this hands-on approach seems to be working for me. I pick up the tripod, walk backwards slowly, slowly, looking at the screen, making sure I’m going to get both my head and my feet in the next shot, when…

…BAM! Left foot in dirt! Balance lost! Arms flapping about! Almost bit the dust! All of this was fine and dandy except for the part about my wearing the NEW shoes!! I’ve never hopped out of flower bed and dusted dirt off a suede shoe so fast in my life. This was a proper shoe emergency just waiting to happen.


(Don’t listen, Petie.) Some choice words were uttered while concurrently brushing the dirt right off, we were back in business. That was just too close for comfort, my friends.

I picked up the red daisy ring Saturday, I don’t have a lot of accessories and tend not to shop for jewelry. I made an exception for this cute little thing. The necklace I got a few weeks back at my local thrift shop.

Today, everyone at work kept complimenting me on my necklace and saying how apropos it was, (ok, they said “appropriate”), for me to wear a daisy. “Like the Green Works daisy”, they exclaimed all day. This would mean nothing special except for this little bit of trivia: I designed the Green Works brand and packaging. Now you know.

(Ouch. I think I just sprained my arm.)

Deets: Dress/H&M, tights/unknown, brand-spankin’ new sage suede shoes/Tsubo, burgundy boyfriend cardi/BDG, Urban Outfitters, vintage daisy necklace/thrifted, daisy ring/Re4m, balance and grace/my parents.


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Trouble in paradise

24 Jan

It’s been brought to my attention that today’s post is not loading right on some computers. I tried a few quick fixes to no avail. I apologize for the inconvenience and I’ll troubleshoot tonight when I get home from work.

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Envelope Please! The 2011 Pantone Color Of The Year…

24 Jan
Today I’m featuring guest blogger JTwisdom from Bubbling with Elegance and Grace:

Honeysuckle via
It’s my pleasure to be swapping post with Fabienne on her blog “The House in the Clouds,” to briefly discuss the Pantone Color of the Year, Honeysuckle. The color looks like a bright pink to me but I guess the Pantone folks have to be different. Please check out Fabienne on my blog,
The winning color for 2011 is Honeysuckle. At first I was thinking of the yellow orange buds that smell so fragrantly in my backyard and trailing along my tall fence but to my chagrin it’s not yellow at all it’s a fuchsia pink.  Honeysuckle is a vibrant burst of color that screams attention. The color I think will also make your complexion look brighter if the focus is toward your face.
On the color is described and I quote.
“In times of stress, we need something to lift our spirits. Honeysuckle is a captivating, stimulating color that gets the adrenaline going – perfect to ward off the blues,” explains Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “Honeysuckle derives its positive qualities from a powerful bond to its mother color red, the most physical, viscerally alive hue in the spectrum.”

When I seen this color I see beautiful dresses in various styles such as in the snapshots below.
The Honeysuckle color can work with an elegant bridesmaid gown to a pencil skirt worn with a cardigan sweater and pearls in the office.  The color is effortless and makes everyone smile.

Visa even has the color on their card.  It’s everywhere now!
At this past Golden Globes:
Sophia Vergara, Best Actress nominee for the 2011 Golden Globe Awards on Last Sunday was wearing a Honeysuckle dress by Vera Wang on  The color is simply stunning but maybe not on the red carpet.  The gown looks as if it fades right into the carpet because of the red hues in the Honeysuckle, nevertheless it’s still a beautiful dress.

Ways to add Honeysuckle in to your Home
1. Add a pillow.  If you don’t want to go overboard exchange some pillows for some Honeysuckle ones to give the sofa and the room some spice.

2.  Put up some curtains with Honeysuckle colored designs. The fabric below is from a window panel and it would fit anywhere in your home.

3. This chair could be added into a room if you do not want to add Honeysuckle to your window treatments.

Wingback chair via
4. Paint one part of the room Honeysuckle to create a warm tone in the space.

5. Add a lamp to your bedroom or living room introducing in gingerly the Honeysuckle color.

Via Amazon
This lamp above would be so chic in a bedroom. Honeysuckle does not need to cover the entire room.  So if this is a color for you see if you can find it at a local store in your area. If you don’t want to overload on Honeysuckle start with just adding a little bit in your space. Add a pillow or add some curtains, it will make such a difference and a punch of color to your space. I have always loved vibrant colors because they work for fashion and home decor. In either venue it will add some punch and energy to your life.
Congrats to Honeysuckle because it’s going to be an awesome year!


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