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Vegas baby! Style Nation 2011

16 Mar
Style Nation 2011
Two days of fun!

I spent last weekend in Las Vegas for a style blogger meet-up with eight other ladies, including Beverly of Style Underdog, Stephanie of The Loudmouth and Yvonne of Fashion Recon. It was fabulous fun! I hopped on a plane right after work. Things looked up immediately as I made friends and chatted with my plane neighbor the entire flight. I had won a limo ride to the Flamingo, too, which my newfound friend and I shared. This girl got to travel in style.

Yvonne and Fabienne at Margaritaville for Style Nation 2011
Yvonne and I at Margaritaville

I was the last one to arrive and join the girls at Margaritaville. Yvonne spotted me first, we immediately recognized each other! She had brought me a special gift, a skirt she made me as a thank you gift for helping her with her blog header. This incredibly hot woman has the biggest heart.

Style bloggers all dressed up to go out in Vegas
Yvonne, Stephanie, me and Bryn

I was introduced to the rest of the crew: Stephanie, who’s just as beautiful and delightful in person, her equally adorable friend, Bryn, the incredibly witty glamazon, Beverly and her wonderful friends, Cynthia, Melissa and Stephanie, and Yvonne’s sweetest friend, Sissie. I’ll admit right now that I got caught up in the excitement and did not take nearly enough photos. An outfit change later, we were given the VIP treatment at Marquee by Bryn’s friend, Troy.

Style bloggers having lunch in Vegas at Mon Ami Gabi
Stephanie, Melissa, Beverly, me, Cynthia, Yvonne and Sissie

The next day we reconvened for lunch at Mon Ami Gabi. Thankfully, I do have a single photo of most us together. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for sitting outside and people watching.

H&M in Las Vegas
H&M in Las Vegas

Afterwards, we strolled and shopped, stopping in to experience the new flagship H&M at Caesar’s Forum shops. After a short rest, we separated into smaller groups and got dinner. Some of us hit Voodoo Lounge for a spell before joining others at Jet for the rest of the night. I even got to run into my new plane friend again, we had a great time!

It was so much fun to experience these blog personalities in real life. The women were beautiful, witty, adorable, glamorous, fun and intelligent. Everyone had their own distinct style. We enjoyed a fair amount of camaraderie. The weekend ended much too soon but this girl eventually had to get her sleep!

Mad props to all those who participated in making this happen, including the wonderful Vahni, which is how I found out about this event in the first place. Thank you Beverly, Yvonne and Tairalyn, who couldn’t attend due to being pregnant.

Our swag sponsors really came through, too. Thanks to: Westover JewelryYou Be CheekyBentley’s TeasJoe FreshWe Love Colors, and Darling Digits.

Following are a few additional photos I took that captured Vegas through my eyes.

Glittery shoe
The shoe
Looking up into the chandelier
Chandelier Bar
Sequined pants
Bev’s sequins
Sitting at Caesar's Forum
The view from the plane above the clouds
Flying high

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