Pin it! A new love affair

20 Apr

{ daily outfit: }

Daily outfit and style tip, wearing lilac cashmere v-neck, yellow belt and ivory lace dress
Lilac details and dragonfly necklace
Daily outfit and style tip, wearing lilac cashmere v-neck, yellow belt and ivory lace dress
Matching the lilac pansies in my garden


I recently went thrifting. I’ve been on a mission to recreate an outfit based on a DKNY outfit I saw last week. As a personal challenge, I want to do it from thrifted items. So far, I have a shirt and blazer along with all kinds of additional unrelated pieces, such as this lilac cashmere pullover sweater. It’s soft and lovely and so light and perfect. I have a particular fondness for cashmere.

The steampunk-inspired dragonfly necklace is another anniversary gift from my hubby. I guess seven years gets you two gifts. I like that.

{ latest obsession: }

I’ve been asked to participate in a Pinterest feature through the end of the month as one of many style bloggers who’ve recently discovered and fallen in love with it. Pinterest is your personal online pinboard. Simple. You see an image of something you like, you “pin” it. The application captures the image and url, you save it into your “board”.

Take the concept of tearing an image out of a magazine and pinning it to a cork board. On the internet. You can organize, categorize, share, tag, comment; it’s full of the social networking features that most of us are familiar with. You can share your boards and see others’. You will be hooked.

I discovered it recently when I saw a tweet mentioning it. I checked it out and have been using it ever since. In fact, it’s what I used to capture images for my post about the five trends I was looking forward to this spring. I’ve also started pinning ideas for DIY’s along with ideas for my living space and places I want to travel to.

Here’s the coolest part.

I’ve been invited to solicit comments from you, my readers, about how you would choose to use it and to let me know if you’re interested in signing up. I have been offered fifteen invitations to pass along.

Check out how I’m using it.

Pinterest The House in the Clouds dashboard
My dashboard, showing a few boards
Pinterest The House in the Clouds pins
Some of my pins

{ style tip: }

Don’t be afraid to mix and match unusual colors together. The lilac sweater and ochre yellow belt are not your typical combination but made a beautiful pair. If you feel reticent to try this, start small with a scarf or a belt.

{ deets: }

Lilac cashmere sweater/thrifted, ivory lace dress/Jeremy’s, ochre yellow belt/Anthropologie, purple tights/Hue, purple patterned scarf/The Gap, steampunk dragonfly necklace/gifted, silver and mother-of-pearl cuff/Lois Hill.


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  1. Elly

    April 20, 2011 at 9:19 am

    I’ve been using Pinterest for a month or so (under the username elnajay) and absolutely loving it! Finally, a place to keep images that ALSO keeps their sources…something that’s been a major concern for me in the past. I use it for style and crafting inspiration, and suspect it’ll also be quite useful when I do image research for whenever I next design costumes for a show.

    I’ll have to check out your Pinterest boards!
    Elly recently posted..Quick and Easy Refashioning

  2. Gracey at Fashion For Giants

    April 20, 2011 at 11:07 am

    I love that sweater, so pretty. And that dragonfly steampunk necklace is just heavenly.
    Gracey at Fashion For Giants recently posted..Pretty Shiny Sparkly for Giants

  3. Ofelia

    April 20, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    Lovely and very romantic outfit!
    Thanks for the Pinterest explanation. It sounds very cool, I going to check it out during the weekend!
    Have a lovely Easter weekend with your family,
    Ofelia recently posted..Thursday day and night

  4. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

    April 22, 2011 at 2:17 pm

    I’m loving Pinterest too (as you can probably tell from the amount of stuff I bung on there). The main thing the app needs is a way to get back your evenings after you have spent too much time on there. ;-)
    Emma at Daily Clothes Fix recently posted..Florals For Spring Groundbreaking