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A love letter to the mothers of my friends

08 May

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Holding me as a toddler at the beach
All teeth and as happy as a can be!


Dear Mothers,

This is a love letter from me to you. Thank you for making the most wonderful humans and bringing them into this world. Thank you for bringing me my friends; loving, intelligent, compassionate. Thank you for making me a companion when I need an ear or a helping hand. Thank you for teaching them kindness, affection and generosity.

You taught them well; to laugh in the face of absurdity with me, to cry when sadness is bigger than the moment. They’ve nourished and fed me, cared for me, brought me a richness than is bigger than I would ever have imagined. We’ve shared many a glass of wine together, celebrating everything and nothing.

My mom when she was young
Like mother, like daughter?

Our faces light up when we find each other in a crowd.

Thank you for bringing me the beauty of their smiles, their love. I thank my mother for making me and teaching me to be the best I can be, your sons and daughter have a faithful companion in me.





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