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Guest blogger: Cloud of Secrets

30 May

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While I’m away on my honeymoon in France and Spain until June 17th I’ve lined up some very special guests for you. I wrote a little intro about what makes them so special to me here. I hope you enjoy their company in my absence. Keep checking back to see which guest will be making a special appearance next!

I’ll also be uploading picture to my facebook page whenever possible and hope to catch at least a few inspiring photos of French and Spanish style. Don’t forget to “like” The House in the Clouds to stay up on the latest news.

À bientôt,


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Hyacinth Blue

Hello! I’m Sarah of Cloud of Secrets. I’m honored to create a guest post for Fabienne. I hope she’s having a lush and fascinating honeymoon.

When I read Fabienne’s invitation, I immediately thought of doing one of my color studies. It’s a thing I do: I choose a focused color scheme, then I go through my wardrobe, home, and town and take intimate pictures of trinkets, apparel, and arrangements within that scheme.

December 2010: Steinway in Waiting
for Birthday Blues entry
Photo by Sarah Cloud Peterson

Fabienne seems to enjoy playing with color schemes as much as I do. As I thought about springtime, Fabienne, and her The House in the Clouds blog, the phrase hyacinth blue popped into my head.

I don’t have many cool, clear blues in my life, but I welcomed the challenge of finding some to photograph.

I adore pretty color names, especially in French. I confess, this penchant influenced me to purchase Sennelier pastels over other brands. Here we have Bleu Saphir, Bleu de Cobalt, Bleu de Prusse, Bleu de Ceruleum, Violet Bleu, and Bleu Outremer Foncé:

May 2011: Pastel Blues
Photo by Sarah Cloud Peterson

I encountered no actual hyacinths. It’s been a hard spring in northern Wisconsin. However, I came across these pansies at my favorite plant nursery, and thought they offered a dreamy array of blues:

May 2011: Pansy Blues
Photo by Sarah Cloud Peterson

I also have a good crop of periwinkles this year:

May 2011: Periwinkle Cup
Photo by Sarah Cloud Peterson

For Mother’s Day, my mother-in-law gave me these delightful 1940s beads that had belonged to her aunt:

May 2011: Vintage Glint
Photo by Sarah Cloud Peterson

I’ve collected perfume bottles since I was a girl. Here some blue pieces from the collection, gifts from my parents over the years:

May 2011: Blue Bottles
Photo by Sarah Cloud Peterson

Here’s a detail of a hanging made from exotic recycled fabrics. I chose this hanging because of the irresistible petit point fragment:

May 2011: Patchwork Shimmer
Photo by Sarah Cloud Peterson

I love the illustrations in my copy of The Rub·iy·t of Omar Khayy·m. The 1913 artwork is by René Bull:

May 2011: A Book of Verse–and Thou
Photo by Sarah Cloud Peterson

Finally, an afternoon break with coffee, biscotti, and Beatrice d’Este. The Wedgwood cup was a gift from my sister Abs, who also has a cloud-themed blog!:

May 2011: Coffee with the Duchess
Photo by Sarah Cloud Peterson

- Sarah, Cloud of Secrets


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