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Guest blogger: Anika

08 Jun

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While I’m away on my honeymoon in France and Spain until June 17th I’ve lined up some very special guests for you. I wrote a little intro about what makes them so special to me here. I hope you enjoy their company in my absence. Keep checking back to see which guest will be making a special appearance next!

I’ll also be uploading picture to my facebook page whenever possible and hope to catch at least a few inspiring photos of French and Spanish style. Don’t forget to “like” The House in the Clouds to stay up on the latest news.

À bientôt,


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Ode to Fabienne

Daily outfit, style tips, guest blogger by Anika

Hi sweethearts!

My name is Anika and I blog over at By Anika. If we haven’t met before I would love to introduce myself to you. I am a regular Norwegian-English woman that speaks Bosnian at home, I am a budding designer and self worth activist with a love for printed dresses and scarves that I mix without fear but with a big sense of humor about myself. At By Anika I blog honestly and playfully about my own life and my voyage towards self confidence. I am determined that my readers should feel good about themselves after reading my posts.

It is my great honor to do a guest post for the wonderful Fabienne, who I adore. In fact, I am taking this chance to proclaim my love for Fabienne. (Fabienne, I don’t know how you feel about odes to you, but here comes a shower of love from me to you.)

The first thing that struck me about Fabienne when I first found her blog was her sincerity and her sense of fun. I love a woman with brains and style (hello, hot white pants!), who is funny and not afraid to invite others into her life. Basically, Fabienne had me at hello.

You know when you meet someone and immediately feel curious about that person, wanting to know more about that person, feeling that that person could very well be a friend you have not yet met? Fabienne is one of those people for me.

That gaze, that smile – don’t you just wish you could transport your self into her living room and hear what her laughter sounds like?

Daily outfit, style tips, guest blogger by Anika

I love that Fabienne is not afraid to voice her opinion. She continuously produces content of such high quality and writes wonderful posts that are both funny and touching.

Reading Fabienne telling it like it is in her recent Friend Friday post on the importance of blogging with purpose, and then proclaim that she was folding her soap box away and going back to being gentle was an epic blogger moment for me. Spunk! Love it.

A post of Fabienne’s that touched me deeply was her moving and honest account of her wonderful sister Ingrid’s battle with cancer, and Fabienne’s own voyage trough the experience. Such integrity, such bravery, such commitment, such love. Be still my heart.

Darling Fabienne, thank you for being you. Thank you for making the blogosphere a more interesting and warm place to be. Thank you for allowing me to give you a small ode with a lot of love.

Tell me sweethearts, what do you love about hanging out at Fabienne’s House in the Clouds?



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