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10 Jun

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This week on Fashion Beauty Friend Friday we’re talking about our favorite summer trends. Mine were a no-brainer. I’ve been obsessed with exactly five things. Maybe I made that up but here are five things that I can’t get enough of, just ask anyone who sees me daily. Or you could take my word for it.


Daily outfit, style tip, Chanel Monte Carlo lipstick


I’ve become obsessed with this lipstick from Chanel. It’s a nicely glossed tint of the most perfect pink with a light scent reminiscent of roses. Gently hydrates my lips, never feels heavy.


Daily outfit, style tip, long beaded necklace
Long beaded necklace


I just picked up this long beaded necklace and want to throw it on with everything I’m wearing these days. It’s very long and light and feels nice to the touch. Being tactile by nature, this is pleases me to no end. The multitude of colors either match or offset pretty much everything. It hangs effortlessly and adds a nice touch to the most basic of t-shirts.


Daily outfit, style tip, Papaya "love" water bottle
Love water bottle


I bought this water bottle because I liked the way it looked, it was that easy. It’s got a bird, cherry blossoms and “love”. What more could I want? I needed a lightweight water bottle for my trip, I know I paid the “style” tax on it but I’ll use it for years. It’s pretty and it’s a water bottle. What’s not trendy about being healthy and hydrated in summer?


Daily outfit & style tip, platform sandal


I love platforms! Must I say more? I’ve previously professed my love for the platform here. Added height, minimal discomfort. I hope they never, ever go away. Ever.


Daily outfit, style tip, white cotton eyelet shorts


Shorts are new to me and now I’m hooked. To be fair, I could never wear shorts in San Francisco. I can in Oakland. You know what I’m talking about, Oaklanders.


Thank you Katy of Modly Chic for crafting this topic. Friend Friday is an opportunity for fashion and beauty bloggers to share their thoughts on a specific topic and read what others have to say on that same topic. For more information, check out Modly Chic and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!


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  1. Veshoevius

    June 10, 2011 at 11:27 am

    I’m curious to know why you can wear shorts in Oakland and not in San Francisco!
    Veshoevius recently posted..A Tale of Two Vs

    • Fabienne Jach

      June 10, 2011 at 2:16 pm

      Great question! San Francisco never gets hot enough. Through most of summer a wicked low fog bank gets blown in and shrouds most of the city by mid afternoon. So while it may be warm enough for a couple of hours it’s never long enough to brave shorts all day. It’s also pretty windy year-round. Oakland is just on the other side of the Bay Bridge and has a completely different climate.

      I came up with the name The House in the Clouds because I live in the Oakland hills and on some days the fog bank rolls beyond SF to just below my house, making it look like I’m sitting in the clouds. It’s pretty spectacular.

      One other thing about SF is that it’s coastal and hilly which not only gives it its own micro-climate but because of the hills practically every neighborhood within it has it’s own micro-climate also. I’ve lived in The Sunset, where it’s always humid and often overcast and foggy practically year-round and in SOMA, which by contrast is mostly warm and sunny, (but still too chilly to wear shorts all day!)

  2. Emily

    June 10, 2011 at 11:46 pm

    That water bottle is so cute :)

    Love the shorts – am only discovering that I don’t mind wearing shorts – after years of rebelling cos it was all my mum would dress me in when I was little and I hated them then!! Funny how we revert! :)


    June 11, 2011 at 4:35 am

    I love the smell of Chanel lipstick. I’m actually quite fascinated with it. I just wish they had a more striking variety of colors.

    Those shorts are great!
    GRIT & GLAMOUR recently posted..Spring 2011 Favorite Things

  4. Katy

    June 11, 2011 at 11:55 am

    Love the pics you used for this post! So fun looking. Hope you are enjoying your honeymoon and I’m totally bummed we didn’t get a chance to connect while I as in San Francisco! Next time – hopefully. – Katy