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The House has gone to the dogs.

30 Nov

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Just one dog, actually. Ibis Carrera. I had every intention of sharing with you some of my favorite new sweaters these days, because sweaters have become a necessity working from home, but Ibis is in the building. Yeah, it’s pretty much been like that.

About fifteen years ago, I lived in The Haight in San Francisco. I worked from home then, also. Around the corner from my house was Cup-A-Joe. I started every morning there with a latte and my journal. Often, my neighbor with the black framed glasses who owned a bike co-op would come in with his dog, an Italian greyhound, I believe. She would rest her head on his knee and looked at him lovingly. She was unlike any other dog I’d ever seen. I feel in love. With her, obviously.

Not long after, I remember recalling this moment to a friend who suggested adopting a race rescue greyhound. I had never had a dog before and didn’t know the difference between an Italian greyhound and a full-size greyhound. In fact, I’m almost embarrassed to admit I had never heard the term “sighthound” until last month. Rescuing a dog from death sounded good to me, I was on board.

A couple months ago I quickly jotted a list of six or seven things I wanted. In the number one spot: “I want a dog.” I was now working from home, living alone and wanted a buddy. I’ve always been a cat person but I wanted a companion that could accompany me around. I made all kinds of promises to my landlord begging him to please let me have a dog. The chances were slim that he would agree but, lo and behold, he didn’t seem the least put out by the idea. My search began.

I found a fantastic organization to adopt through. First there was an application. Then a phone interview. After that, a walk-through with a new adoptee. I was encouraged to attend a meet-and-greet with other owners and their adoptees. I drove an hour away to make that happen as soon as possible. Everything fell into place and I got the green light. Enter Ibis! I had seen her picture on the web site and there was just something about her. I asked if they thought she would be a good fit for me and we met last Saturday.


At first it was hit or miss. I didn’t know her, she didn’t know me, we tried not to be awkward around each other. Race greyhounds are not like other greyhounds. In fact, they are unlike any other dog, for that matter. They’ve spent their lives in cages in areas filled with other dogs in cages and are never alone. They’re either out on the track or in their cage. They’re trained to bolt. They can never be tethered for that reason. They’re amazing creatures which can hit speeds of 30-40 miles an hour by the third stride, second fastest only to the cheetah. Pretty cool! But not for the casual dog owner. Everything is new to them. The sound the dishwasher makes. Mirrors. Windows. Cars on the street. The vacuum. It’s like they were dropped from another planet and starting from scratch.


In the past six days, we’ve both been coming out of our shell. Our walks are now spirited and fun. I’ve started seeing her goofy side when she plays with her toys. She’s adorable. And she’s hijacked my life. The pictures of sweaters may have to wait a little longer but she’s worth it. Being so well-behaved, I don’t see that I will need to modify my sartorial choices much during the training process with one exception. I will always need pockets to keep treats in. True love.


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The organization I chose is Golden State Greyhound Adoption. They have a very thorough and strict adoption process and policy, which I appreciated. Stu and his wife Barbara, both founders, have provided me with every bit of support I have needed, as has the associated community. If you’re in the market to adopt a race rescue greyhound, I cannot recommend them more.


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Enchanted forest

21 Nov

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This time last year I had just turned 44 and I wanted so badly for everything to change. I had no idea where to start or what needed to happen so I moved on and forward, like the adventurer that I am, trusting that it would. I spent the last 365 days taking baby steps daily to alter my course. Today I can look back and am proud of where I came from. I look forward and know the path is good. It wasn’t easy, most necessary things aren’t.

I had been feeling a little like this:

Yes, that really is me, dressed as BabyDoll for Halloween. What else could I do with new braces but have fun with it?

Through the turmoil, I found my peace regularly in the woods by my house. I’ve run, hiked and walked them regularly for several years now. I have spent hours daydreaming about my future, crying about sick friends, running long and hard and pushing myself to the limit. It is therefore befitting that I recently had a photo shoot in my enchanted forest right before my 45th birthday. I’m still moving forward, and still celebrating changes.

See you soon!

xo, f

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These photos were beautifully shot with film by Vanessa Solis of Vade Photography in Redwood Park, in Oakland, CA.

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Red blouse/Old Navy, royal blue pants/Urban Outfitters, scarf/thrifted, hand-carved earrings/Braindrops, beaded necklace/Anthropologie.