Mermaid style

31 Jul

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I’ve always wanted what my hairdresser and I called “mermaid hair”. In other words, hair long enough to provide a substantial amount of modestly, should one be inclined. For when the apocalypse vaporizes fabric, or something like that.

In December, I willingly had about 6 or 7 inches cut off, the health of my hair required it. That’s what it feels like to take a bunch of steps backwards. What’s the opposite of mermaid hair? Billy Idol hair? Ok, so not quite that drastic but somewhere in the ho-hum middle.


I have resisted the urge for a maintenance trim since December. Tenacity and laser-sharp focus on the end results at it’s finest. Professional advice carelessly tossed by the wayside. It’s my hair, after all. And as my sister said, if you want you hair to grow out, you really have to stop cutting it.

This coming Friday, I’m scheduled for the trim. All this to say, yes, my hair is up because it has looked better, and in a very short while, it will again.




I’ll just distract you with my mermaid nail polish until then. Look, squirrel!

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Aqua cashmere cardigan/Bloomingdale’s, cyan blue skinny pants/Urban Outfitters, orange tunic/Urban Outfitters, salmon tank/Nordstrom’s, mustard scarf/You Be Cheeky Boutique, red acetate watch/Vestal, hair band/ModCloth


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  1. Cloud of Secrets

    August 1, 2013 at 4:40 am

    I love the mixed oranges with the mixed blues, and the mermaid nail polish is very pretty.

    I think the best way to grow hair out so it looks (and is) fairly healthy is to grow it a few inches, then trim off about 1 inch. It makes the growing out slower, but the ends will look better. Also — try for minimal heat styling, tighty ponytail elastics, and rough detangling. Good luck, and patience, dear mermaid! :-)
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    • Fabienne Jach

      August 9, 2013 at 3:34 pm

      :) Thank you! So lovely to get a visit from you!

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