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The blog is dead, long live the blog

12 Aug

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I recently read a comment on facebook that my blog is dead. It really surprised me. I suppose I have been in denial, I was thinking it was perhaps in repose. An extended vacation. As it turns out, if you don’t actually post for months at a time, your blog is kinda sorta dead.

But here’s the deal: It’s not. I really had to take a lot of time off. Things happened. I’ll list them. They impacted my life in a really big way:

I left my really good job for an amazing opportunity and immediately got laid off. Then I had very little work, which was a blessing, considering what happened afterward.

  • I stopped being married.
  • I volunteered at a wildlife museum.
  • One of my sisters died.
  • I adopted a snake.
  • I moved three times in a short period of time. I’m not a fan of moving.
  • I was offered and accepted my dream job.
  • I got a new baby brother.


Lots of life events. Big, huge, heart-breaking, emotional, heart-filling life events. Because even when life feels totally over, it’s actually still going on. The blog is not dead, it was in hibernation. Frankly, right now, I know I will not have the time that I had before to devote to it. But I will always have a story to tell, it’s in my blood.

My baby brother is 3 months old. He won’t know how to speak for a while but if you observe him for just a few minutes, you will notice one thing: He’s trying really hard to tell you something, (it’s in our DNA, really.)

Here he is:


And here I’ve been:


Oh, you noticed the hair’s gone. It’s all part of letting go and being available for the story to continue. The week I decided to cut my hair, I was asking one of my girlfriends if I should do it. I told her I’d miss it. I knew I would. And that was exactly why I cut it. Because it’s ok to miss it. It’s ok to miss my sister, or the routine I had with my ex. It’s human. It’s ok to miss my friends and coworkers. Missing means I cared.

We miss, and we let it go. We make room for the next amazing thing. I didn’t lose my husband when we got divorced, we’re still friends. But I made room for his new love in my heart and she’s such a beautiful and amazing woman, she’s become one of my best friends. My family got bigger.

When my sister died, I found out I was going to have a baby brother. Life is so unexpected and full of surprises. Around the same time, I adopted a ball python that needed a good home. I changed his name to BooBoo Cuddlebear. He used to hang out in my hair, back when it was long.



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And all the while in the silence of my blogosphere, I was still wearing clothes and having fun. See?




There will be more. There’s plenty to catch up on. See you soonly!

xo, f