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Stormy weather

29 Mar


Burton LipStick at Kirkwood
LipStick girl

This, my friends, is the reason why it gets quiet around here on the weekends during winter. We had another epic storm this past week which resulted in an insane amount of snow, which, if you happen to subscribe to my kind of math, equals instant happiness.

snow + fabienne = instant happiness
Instant happiness

I had a breakthrough weekend, I did my first 180 off a kicker, (small jump). I then proceeded to do as many as frontside and backside 180′s possible in the last remaining runs of the day. The snow was soft, thankfully, as not all landings were, um, graceful.

I woke up this morning and all of my jumping and landing muscles were sore. I only have one thing to say about that: Totally worth it!

Daily outfit of navy polka dot dress with black blazer and yellow tights
Sunshine legs and polka dots
Daily outfit wearing vintage daisy necklace
Vintage daisy necklace
Daily outfit wearing yellow tights with black ballet flats
Cute bows and tiny studs



Deets: Navy blue polka dot dress/ModCloth, black boyfriend blazer/Sparkle & Fade, Urban Outfitters, yellow tights/Urban Outfitters, vintage daisy necklace/thrifted, beige pashmina scarf/Nordstrom’s, black bow ballet flats/Ecco.


Not just for experts only—Getting your blog off the ground.

09 Mar
Kirkwood, The Wall, snowboarding, skiing, blogging tips

The Wall at Kirkwood. Our favorite run of the day

A couple days ago it dawned on me that although my commenting system was greatly improved since my move from Blogger to WordPress, it was still missing a crucial element. I had been taking the time to reply to many of the comments left by you for naught. Without a reply notification plug-in, you would never know I had done so. On one hand, it seemed so trivial, on the other, it was a glaringly obvious how much more I had to learn.

I reflected on the fact that it was barely six months ago when I thought starting a blog would be fun. Well, it’s been a lot of fun. And it’s been a lot of hard work. Blogging is not limited to experts only, fortunately, there are some wonderful souls out there who have taken the care and time to share their experiences and knowledge base with the rest of us.

30 for 30 remix challenge, day 22. Ivory lace dress, vintage sweater and cowboy boots.

Birds making a pleasant commotion on day 22 of the 30 for 30 remix challenge.

Without them, this blog would not be what it is today. My success here and anywhere else, is and always has been, the result of collaboration and support. I would like to share a few of the resources I turned to in the past few months. By no means is this list complete, it’s merely a sampling of the information out there. If you’re already blogging, or are thinking of starting, check out some of these links. I have relied on the first seven at different times, the rest I think you might find useful.

What you need to know to be an outfit of the day blogger

Introduction: So you want to leave Blogger for WordPress?


Trademarks–What you need to know

Blog Analytics

Independent Fashion Bloggers – (Community resource)

FBFF – Friend Friday – (Community group)

Killer fashion blogging: 50 ways to take your fashion blog to the next level

How to make failed outfit pictures work (Photoshop tutorial)

Build a better blog

While I couldn’t remember the original site I turned to for grammatical assistance, I did find this one which is equally helpful. You may be the smartest cookie around but if you are misspelling regularly and don’t have the basics of English grammar down, your readers are going to think you’re dumb. Or worse yet, that you just don’t care. Like I said, blogging is fun but it’s also hard work.

Last but not least, last week I wrote about the correlation between your blog and branding. It’s a topic I’ve reflected upon on this journey and believe it’s good food for thought. While I may still have a long way to go, I’m confident that I’m headed in the right direction. I’m enjoying the journey and hope you are, too.


Deets: Vintage sweater/eBay, ivory lace dress/Jeremy’s, lace tights/Hue, vegan grey faux cowboy boots/ModCloth, owl necklace/Urban Outfitters.


Paying it forward, or giving back?

08 Jan
The view of Lake Tahoe at Diamond Peak is epic! 


Last night, I grabbed my very first of three snowboards, a Burton Custom, and outfitted it with my friend’s bindings. I tracked back to everything I knew to make sure she would be set up optimally for where she is with her riding. This board is dear to me, it was the board that defined my commitment to the sport when I was still gripped with fear. This was a guy’s sport and I was thirty-two at the time. I made a financial investment, I owned my own gear. I wasn’t going to let anyone tell me I couldn’t do this.

I still didn’t really know anything other than I loved this sport. I had no idea that overcoming the fear of trusting my body and my gear would shape my confidence into the next decade. Today was a day I got to give back. After I set up the bindings, I dropped it off to get waxed so it would be ready to move into the next phase of its life. It had been gathering dust for a few years, I’d outgrown it a while back. I didn’t want to sell this board, I wanted to pass it on.

I spent the day on the mountain with my friend Donna. I followed her lines, we would stop and break, take a few pictures and discuss what to focus on next. I got to give back. Or pay forward. Does it matter? The heart doesn’t need justification.

There are moments in life where it’s more rewarding to give than to receive. The greatest gift is watching someone find their confidence, their fire. Seeing the light and joy in their eyes as they start discovering their potential. I had seen her potential a while back and knew at some point the time would be right for this. Today was the day.

I celebrate her potential, I celebrate our friendship. This friendship is not one-sided, this just happened to be my day to give back. Or pay forward.

Does it matter?


FBFF Q&A: Comparing ourselves

07 Jan
Une Very Stylish Fille and I, making friends with the camera.

My husband played his “Best Hubby” card today and took me to Diamond Peak. Though still on vacation, I was ho-humming my way around our cabin this morning. He decided to cheer me up by taking me snowboarding, which totally worked, of course. That kind of sacrifice deserved action on my part so I spent the better part of two hours practicing riding switch, (backwards), doing 180′s and taking as many small jumps as possible.

Did I mention how much I love my new board? Yes, it’s love. True love.

But wait, there’s more. I’ve resolved to getting bolder about asking people if I can take pictures of their street style, even on the slopes. There was a Japanese gal in front of our car wearing the most awesome jeggings, and trust me, I’m not one to match up “awesome” and “jeggings” often in a single sentence but these were reminiscent of a dark, starry night. Indigo blue with gold sparkles in the fabric, a simple pocket detail and a matching cap in a fat sparkly deep grey knit. I want a pair, or at least the cap.

A couple nights ago was Avalanche Lounge at the cabin. We got all dressed up and drank fancy cocktails, all prepared by my very own hubby, Fil. He plans the menu weeks in advance, buys the freshest ingredients and spends the afternoon preparing the garnishes. This is as fancy I got this week. It was pretty fancy!

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

Moving along to Friend Friday. This is my opportunity to think about and answer some questions. The theme this week is about how and whether we compare our blogs to others. How do we measure up? Let’s see.

FBFF: have you ever looked at someone’s blog and thought yours would never measure up?
FJ: No, I have two thoughts on that. The first is that there’s nothing I can’t do, only what I don’t yet know how to do. I know, it sounds arrogant. Look, I learned how to snowboard well and it was not pretty at first. I can get twenty people to testify that I didn’t stand a chance when I started. And some hospital visits to back that statement. I stuck with it and it gave me a confidence that can never be erased.

The second is that I think in the same way that there is someone for everyone, there’s an audience for any blog. Having said that, I let the blogs that I respect inspire me. I’m not trying to be them, I want to be my very own version of that excellence.

FBFF: Do you, or did you, feel pressure to meet some kind of undefined standard for fashion bloggers?
FJ: At first I wasn’t sure what readers would be interested in but getting my feet wet with the 30 for 30 remix gave me thirty days to get a feel for it. I’m a perfectionist by nature but I’ve learned to be easier on myself. I see so much diversity in the world of blogging, I equate this with opportunity. The older I get, the less I worry about being awesome or cool. I’m me, you’re either on board or you’re not. I hope readers dig what I’m sharing, because that’s all I’m doing: Sharing. And I like it.  It’s really fun being an absolute beginner!*

FBFF: Many established fashion bloggers are also extraordinary DIYers, bakers and crafty people. Do you think you need to combine all these things to be successful at blogging.
FJ: No. I think all you need to express your passion in the most personally eloquent manner possible. Keep your standards high but be realistic. I’m always amazed at those women who can do everything. They raise the bar so high! It’s fantastic inspiration but I don’t feel the pressure to live someone else’s definition of great. There’s a lot in my life that doesn’t make it to my blog that keeps my life awesome so it’s ok if I’m not out there knitting a car cozy in the spare time I don’t have. (How awesome would that be, though? A car cozy = awesome!) I’ve learned that doing a little all the time is a much more effective way to be satisfied with how much I accomplish over the course of my life. That’s what is working for me at the moment. Just focusing on the journey, baby!

FBFF: The most successful blogs are the ones that have their own personal voice – how are you developing your voice or did you find yours?
FJ: Anyone who knows me would say that this would probably not be a challenge for me. I’m pretty outgoing and feel like my personality is the most ownable asset I have. I can copy anyone, I can focus on perfecting my grammar but if you don’t get a sense of my silliness, my sense of humor, my personal take on life, it’s not me. Defining how that comes across through a blog is the greater challenge, but you know, I’m always up for a good challenge. 

FBFF: Toot your own horn… What’s the one thing you do that is unique to you and your blog? What gives your blog an edge?
FJ: I wouldn’t call it an edge, but there’s only one of me. You get a taste of life through my eyes, it may not be for everyone but it’s not likely to get boring any time soon. I’m always up to something and I’ve always got a tale to tell.

Thank you Katy of Modly Chic for putting together these questions. Friend Friday is an opportunity for fashion and beauty bloggers to share their thoughts on a specific topic and read what others have to say on that same topic. For more information, check out Modly Chic and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

* I just had to go there, Bowie defined my teens. He might actually have been one of my very first style icons.

Deets: Black sheer dress/Georgiou, black cloche hat, Goorin bros., drop earrings/gifted, necklace/Claire’s Boutique, shearling scarf/unknown in Paris, black gloves/Nordstrom’s, Telene with pink hair/friend!


Cool things will happen.

03 Jan
Burton LipStick + snow = happiness

At 9,000 feet elevation, I’m standing above the cloud line

Just a little eye candy for you while I’m still on vacation. To be fair, it’s only eye candy if you’re into snowboarding, but let’s pretend, shall we? We hit the slopes at Mt. Rose in Nevada today. It was a great warm-up day on my new board. Check this baby out! I am officially even happier than when I was posing with my other board.

This little number is the Burton LipStick that I’ve been coveting for months. It’s a little stiffer than last year’s model which means I’m not compromising on speed. But she’s a little gal, this one: light, flexible and nimble. I found her so easy to ride, quick to pop, even quicker to turn through the trees, and this is just my first day of the season. I’ll be reporting back on all the cool new things I learn to do on it because cool things will definitely happen.

Tagine served with spicy chickpeas over quinoa

Last night, I made a root vegetable tagine with spiced chickpeas over quinoa for dinner. This is my second attempt, I made some modifications to the recipe which I think improved it considerably. Half the lemon, no olives for the hubby, twice the spices and I added potatoes to the mix. I still think I could improve upon it but I’m ambitious that way. It was a hit. I got to use my new 8 quart grass green Chantal dutch oven, which was a steal at T.J.Maxx, which made me very happy.


Hello Lake Tahoe!

29 Dec
This baby girl is all waxed and ready to fly

What you see here, my friends, is one very happy camper. I’ve got my baby with me, my Burton Feelgood ES snowboard. We’re heading up to Incline Village for our fifth annual trip with our best friends. We’ve been packing, planning, sorting and shuffling things around for several days. Tomorrow morning, we take the four hour pilgrimage north to spend the next ten days together. This crew takes its quality time together seriously!

I’ll do my best to post updates but there won’t be much in the way of fashion unless you’re really into snowboarding, though the scenic views from the top of the ridge are mind-blowing. I’ll share, you’ll see for yourself. Fortunately, there are a couple themed nights in the works which are certain to provide a photo opp or two, and at the least some laughs.

Don’t let the simple graphics of this board fool you, this is one tight and fast flying machine. At 152, it’s pretty lengthy for my stature which contributes to the speed. This board is not for the faint of heart. Alas, now I want something less aggressive and more playful. The anticipation of getting it is half the fun! It’s probably a good thing I don’t have my new board yet, I’m not sure I could smile any harder. If I had that new Burton Lip-Stick 145 with Flying V, I might find a way.

Oh happiness!

Hubby got me these boots for my birthday

Since I’m sure you didn’t really want to see me in my pajamas, as I spent yet another day nursing this boring chest cold, (emphasis on boring. Really, c’mon, how many times can a girl cough?) I re-enacted yesterday’s outfit because I’m rockin’ the faux fur. Thanks to Lauren at who got me coveting one when she wore hers in her 30 for 30 remix. I just took a quick peek and I believe we may even have the same one! Score! I wasn’t even specific when I asked Santa, he found this one all on his own. Isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

Something like that.

Deets: Sparkly coffee t-shirt/Michael Stars, black ankle cigarette pants/BDG, Urban Outfitters, vest/Urban Outfitters, tree of life necklace/gifted, hand-carved wooden earrings/Chicago, brown embroidered boots/Aerosoles, snowboard/Burton Feelgood ES.