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Guest blogger: Ryan of Fashables

20 Sep

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While I was away a couple weeks ago there was a minor scheduling snafu so I’m republishing this guest post for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy Fashables’ round-up as summer comes to a close. It won’t be long before we’re bundling up for fall.

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Street Style from Fashables

Hey, I’m Ryan from the fashion blog Fashables, and I couldn’t be happier to do a guest post on The House in the Clouds!

One of the features on Fashables that runs twice a week is a fun little street style post called Peeps from the Streets. The shots are taken at various places in New York City and, for the most part, simply catch people going about their lives in NYC. Most aren’t posed… and heck, aren’t even planned for that matter.

Since summer is winding down I thought it might be fun to share some of the Peeps from the Streets shots taken during the last couple of months with you. NYC is full of great style, and I could have easily shared a ton of photos with you… but here are 10 that seemed to stand out in my mind.

From the purse, to the pants, to the bow-tie to the sunglasses… she’s pulled the pattern together.

Tons of flavor going on here. Bikes and dogs… accessory of the year!

Reminded me of Madonna back in the day.

I have a thing for stylish people riding old school bikes.

Two French friends visiting NYC… and doing so stylishly.

This is what I like to call my, “I had no plan to take this shot, but got my camera out really quickly and took a shot from the hip.”

Lovely dress, and purse, but I couldn’t make her smile for the life of me.

This was my first experience at photographing a professional model. The thing is, at the time, I had no clue I was doing so. Read more about that here.

We start them early in NYC. A toddler picking out a purse in… Prada.

When taking this shot I had no clue this girl was from the reality TV show on TLC called NY Ink. I simply stopped her because she had tons of flavor.

Thanks a ton for reading my guest post and I hope you enjoyed the shots! I know The House in the Clouds is one of your favorite sites to visit, but I hope you might someday add Fashables to that list as well.


Ready for summer

16 Apr

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Street style, Noel wearing blue madras shirt, jeans and red high-tops
Nothing says sunny days like a good madras shirt

Art director Noel gives us his take on casual Fridays. Nothing says ready for summer like a blue and pink madras shirt over a citron yellow T, cuffed Japanese denim, pink Ray-Bans and red high-tops. I couldn’t help myself and just had to capture his outfit. I hope to capture more informal street style for you here and there.

For the real deal, I suggest you head over to Lee Oliveira’s. He’s your man for street style.

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Daily outfit and style tip, wearing pink blazer, coral top with jeans
Sherbet, anyone?
Daily outfit and style tip, wearing pink blazer, coral top with jeans

Channeling peonies with these colors

Yours truly deleted all the photos taken of new shoes this morning on accident. If you squint your eyes really hard you can catch a snippet peeking out at the bottom of the photo. My best intentions to recapture them later in the day failed. Instead, I’m treating you to my first street style shot to distract you from the missing shoes.

I promise to make it up to you later. Pinkie swear.

Daily outfit and style tip, wearing coral top and steampunk owl necklace
Put a bird on it!

I received this adorable owl necklace last night as an early anniversary gift from my hubby. He’s a little steampunky. I named him HootieTwo, some of you might have read previously of the incredible pleasure I take in naming things with the most obvious names. I spend so much of my life being creative that I have to draw the line somewhere. Here’s Hootie The Owl, (the original.)

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Layering so many different shades of vibrant pink tones on top created a visual stir so I chose to wear darker jeans and neutral shoes. Pick your fashion battles and stick to your guns. That was terrible, I don’t know what’s come over me. I’m giddy with from the week being over!

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Sheer honeysuckle infinity scarf/Urban Outfitters, pink corduroy blazer/thrifted, pink coral top/Urban Outfitters, jeans/Calvin Klein, orange skinny belt/thrifted, suede khaki shoes/Earthies, HootieTwo owl necklace/gifted.