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30 for 30 Winter, day 4. It’s a wrap!

06 Feb

Wrap me up

Playing up the curls again

Roses and blue buds

Friday marked a preview of location site outfit photos. My hope is to get out of the office once a week and take some pictures with a coworker of mine who happens to be both a fantastic artist and photographer. I’m looking forward to it though I must admit it felt weird not to be taking my own photos. You’d think I’d be more relaxed not having to deal with the equipment. I’ve discovered that I’m more comfortable camping it up all on my own, even if it makes me look like the crazy neighborhood lady.

The wrap top I’m wearing is interesting. It can be worn numerous ways. I’m wearing it backwards with the ties in front almost mimicking my fourth grade sweatshirt-around-the-hips style. I like going back in time like that.

On a different note, I wanted to let you all know that two birds is having a special Valentine’s Day event. If you’re in the Minneapolis area you might want to check it out. 

As you know, pop-up shops have been all the rage lately. two birds has been hosting vintage pop-up shops since 2009, and has now collaborated with Salvaged Strawberry and Salon Stella to do a Valentine’s sale and styling event. Salon Stella, in Northeast Minneapolis, is hosting the two vintage vendors and we plan on selling a complete package to our customers. People can come in and get their hair and makeup done (by appointment), and then shop for Valentine’s gifts and outfits. All the vendors will be on hand for free styling advice. We are avid vintage collectors and will have plenty of merchandise on hand, including clothing, jewelry, purses, shoes, housewares and artwork. The sale will be perfect for men and women alike who are looking for the perfect one-of-a-kind gift and/or the perfect outfit for their Valentine’s celebrations.

The sale will be held February 12 and 13 at Salon Stella, which is located at 654 19th Ave. NE in Minneapolis.
More details, including a sneak peak of items to be sold are included here.

two birds

Salvaged Strawberry

Salvaged Strawberry

Deets: Teal, grey and black wrap/DKNY, black ankle cigarette jeans/BDG, Urban Outfitters, silver and mother-of-pearl cuff and ring/Lois Hill, slip-on elastic top shoes/Munro.

Photos of Fabienne: Euan Rannachan

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30 for 30 Winter, day 3. Country Strong

03 Feb
Enhanced natural curls
I call this my totally gifted outfit!

Two things: One, I had not heard of the movie when the reference was made but I’m taking it as a compliment since my coworker was only making a reference to my hair and outfit and not the washed-out, has-been part. Two: I let my hair air dry last night and touched up my natural unruliness rather than fight it. Thank you Nicole for inspiring me to do this. I have come to value a large curling iron, a skinny curling iron and a straightening iron. They are my friends.

Three: I know, I lied. But I didn’t mean to. I’m hoping to spend a little quality time with the hubby this evening and I’m rushing through this like a woman on a mission. Back to Three: I made it on IFB’s weekly roundup today. I’m honored, flattered, excited, what can I say? I’ll post the whole kit and caboodle this weekend.

Now back to my house date. Ciao babes!

Wait! One more thing. I know I just made that four, I can count. So, Four: I’m wearing “mocha” microfiber tights from We Love Colors. You know what else? I totally love them. They got sent my way, I’m sending some love back. They’re nice and soft and stretchy and pretty darn opaque. The color is ever-so-slightly different that what my monitor displayed but I knew that would happen, such is the nature of monitor displays. Ultimately, the shade was what I expected and I’m very happy and grateful.

Deets: Plaid dress/Old Navy, gifted from Dotty, raspberry hand-knitted scarf/gifted by my “other” grandma Jeannie, vintage brooch/passed down from my mom, necklace/gifted by hubby, tights/gifted, We Love Colors, grey vegan faux cowboy boots/ModCloth, (they were gifted, too, by my bffs!), bracelet/gifted by my dad & his wife. 

To quote the hubby: “Now everyone knows what a cheapskate you are.” That was cool! It was total accident that I didn’t wear anything I bought myself.

When the house is not in the clouds

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30 for 30 Winter, day 2. Goth girl.

02 Feb

Reliving those old goth days

“I’m an idiot.”

Actually, I’m not. I would venture to say I’m quite intelligent. This just happens to be what I say to myself when I’m being forgetful or mindless around the house. Let’s say I sit down and realize my glasses are still in the other room. More often than not I say this out loud with a little drama. I would never speak to you that way, it’s not really nice. It’s not even true which makes it the worse kind of message to keep carelessly tossing around. One of these days I might start to believe it.

A while back I decided to stop. I do not have any heart for this bad habit, I’m quite nice to myself otherwise. At least I try to be. Today I was contemplating the fact that not only did I not make any New Year resolutions I almost missed out on the timing of a much more clever idea. One which ties nicely to the start of the new year: acknowledging what I’m already doing right.

Erin of Design for Mankind did this. After making a list of resolutions, she focused on what she’s been doing right rather than what she needed to change. She called it her list of non-goals. I told her I was all over that idea, it’s more my style anyway. I think changing a negative affirmation is a great thing to nurture. It’s certainly not a bad way to kick off a new year. I’ve got the right idea and I need to keep at it. It’s a bad habit, not a core belief. If I ever make a list, this one will be on it.

It comes down to kindness. I recently posted about using kind eyes when looking at or judging ourselves. A similar thought was captured today by Sal of Already Pretty. Here’s a snippet of what she said:

“But I’m here to tell you that being kind to yourself is vital. It is vital in the original meaning of the word: It is necessary for the maintenance of life. Being constantly unkind to yourself erodes your confidence, diminishes your self-worth, and extinguishes your individuality. Giving all your kindness away and reserving none for your own body, mind, and soul leaves you dry and empty. Eventually, you’ll have nothing left to give.”

She’s on to something. Check out the rest of her post. And if you don’t get around to it, it’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

- – - – -

Onto outfit number two. As my leggings happened to be winning at playing hide and seek, I incurred a last minute outfit change. You know what doesn’t photograph well? All black. Especially all black taken by hubby in a hurry.

I, Fabienne Jach, do solemnly swear to get an earlier start tomorrow morning. And hey, check out how many remixers there are!

Deets: Black empire waist dress/Max Studio, black turtleneck/Benetton, black tights/unknown, purple chiffon scarf/Georgiou, black ankle boots/Munro, black handcarved gingko earrings/Braindrops, tree of life pendant/gifted, plastic flower bracelet/Anthropologie.

Photo: Filip Jach


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30 for 30 Winter, day 1

01 Feb
Red and black and grey and red and black and grey.

These tights are out of control

Today isn’t just the kick-off of Kendi’s 30 for 30 challenge, it’s actually more significantly known as another type of day; the day I had a hot fudge sundae. That’s right, the hubby and I snuck off to lunch at one of our favorite digs, also known as the place where we had our first date over 7 years ago. I insisted on dessert.

Not just any dessert; a gooey, sweet, creamy decadent full-size vanilla hot fudge sundae with fresh whipped cream. I just made you want one. Yeah, that’s how I felt, it was one of those kinds of days. I’ve been struggling, to put it kindly, with finding a WordPress theme that meets my criteria. I’ve discovered that once in a blue moon it happens that I am not at all easy to please. Not in the least bit. I may be driving myself just a little crazy. And someone else too, who shall remain nameless, though it’s safe to assume we cohabitate in matrimony.

And then, the sundae. Yes, all is well again.

I leave you with my first pick kicking off day one. My second, and only other, ebay purchase: Another vintage piece under $20, including shipping. Red is good. Sundaes are better.

The view from my living room window

As you can see, I really do live in the house in the clouds. The clouds, or high fog bank as it stands, is sitting on top of the entire San Francisco Bay. If it were not foggy you would see downtown San Francisco in the background, along with the Bay Bridge. We live just high up enough that this is the scene on many mornings.

Deets: Vintage 80′s dress/ebay, scarlet red tights/We Love Colors, stainless steel ring/Münich, Germany, necklace/Alexis Bittar, elastic top shoes/Munro.

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Jumping bean!

31 Jan
Jumping for joy!

Add caption

Tomorrow officially kicks off day one of Kendi’s 30 for 30 remix, Winter edition. I’m excited about it. I’m going to be even more excited the day I get this site moved over to WordPress. Currently, the magical blogging elves seem to be on strike and I’m having to do all the grunt work on my own. I know why it’s called grunt work. Let’s just say I’m not singing any songs over here while I try to sort this whole thing out. Nope, no songs.

Such is life. This old dog is going to have to learn some new tricks, I tell ya. Back to the drawing board and see you tomorrow!

This jumping bean moment brought to you by one fine vintage ebay sweater purchase. I wasn’t sure how to make it work, it’s just shy of covering the entire mid-section. It seems that I had a red t-shirt the exact shade of the stripes. I love happy surprises!

Deets: Vintage 70′s sweater/ebay, black ankle cigarette pants/BDG, red t-shirt/Club Monaco, kimono cuff/re4m, silver ring/Lois Hill, necklace/Alexis Bittar, fishnet knee-highs/We Love Colors, black ballet flats/Ecco.


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Oops, I’m doing it again

22 Jan
Of all the outfits I’ve ever worn to work, this was the one that got attention

I’m sporting my beautiful new hand-knitted scarf, gifted by a lovely coworker

Twenty-six items, thirty-five combinations, I’ve taken the next 30 for 30 remix to a whole new level. I’ve tapped into the dusty area formerly known as Fabienne’s highly organized compulsive behavior and totally outdone myself. I have pictures to prove it.

My hubby was utterly perplexed that I spent two hours this afternoon creating all the combinations. “Why would anyone want to do this?” he asked with only the slightest hint of disapproval as clothes spilled out of the kitchen, into the hallway and around the other side to the dining room. What can I say, when I make a mess I go all out.

The answer is simple. I’m determined to include a couple new ebay purchases, which I haven’t worn yet, along with a few more items that I picked up or were gifted in the past couple of months. I have little to no history with those items I’m referring to, therefore, I needed to make sure they could be remixed.

Four items were omitted from the final count for the time being. Those are technically my wild cards; last time the weather changing surprised me. You don’t need to tell me twice, this Girl Scout’s prepared.

If you haven’t ever taken Kendi’s 30 for 30 Remix Challenge, I encourage you to give it a shot. There’s nothing to lose, you will not be ostracized for dropping out. It’s an incredible way to push your creative boundaries using the items in your very own closet. It’s fun checking out how others are coming up with ways to remix; I learned a lot of new ways to work with what I already had and I made friends along the way.

The shopping ban during the remix makes it that much more enticing to me, I’m saving up to go to Las Vegas in March for the Style Nation meet-up. That’s just a win on win on win situation. That’s right.

Deets: Mustard dress/ModCloth, rust tights/We Love Colors, burgundy boyfriend cardi/BDG, Urban Outfitters, hand-knitted scarf/gifted, black ballet flats/Ecco, peridot ring/Ambiance, headband/Anthropologie, necklace/Linkel Designs.


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Hello Lake Tahoe!

29 Dec
This baby girl is all waxed and ready to fly

What you see here, my friends, is one very happy camper. I’ve got my baby with me, my Burton Feelgood ES snowboard. We’re heading up to Incline Village for our fifth annual trip with our best friends. We’ve been packing, planning, sorting and shuffling things around for several days. Tomorrow morning, we take the four hour pilgrimage north to spend the next ten days together. This crew takes its quality time together seriously!

I’ll do my best to post updates but there won’t be much in the way of fashion unless you’re really into snowboarding, though the scenic views from the top of the ridge are mind-blowing. I’ll share, you’ll see for yourself. Fortunately, there are a couple themed nights in the works which are certain to provide a photo opp or two, and at the least some laughs.

Don’t let the simple graphics of this board fool you, this is one tight and fast flying machine. At 152, it’s pretty lengthy for my stature which contributes to the speed. This board is not for the faint of heart. Alas, now I want something less aggressive and more playful. The anticipation of getting it is half the fun! It’s probably a good thing I don’t have my new board yet, I’m not sure I could smile any harder. If I had that new Burton Lip-Stick 145 with Flying V, I might find a way.

Oh happiness!

Hubby got me these boots for my birthday

Since I’m sure you didn’t really want to see me in my pajamas, as I spent yet another day nursing this boring chest cold, (emphasis on boring. Really, c’mon, how many times can a girl cough?) I re-enacted yesterday’s outfit because I’m rockin’ the faux fur. Thanks to Lauren at who got me coveting one when she wore hers in her 30 for 30 remix. I just took a quick peek and I believe we may even have the same one! Score! I wasn’t even specific when I asked Santa, he found this one all on his own. Isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

Something like that.

Deets: Sparkly coffee t-shirt/Michael Stars, black ankle cigarette pants/BDG, Urban Outfitters, vest/Urban Outfitters, tree of life necklace/gifted, hand-carved wooden earrings/Chicago, brown embroidered boots/Aerosoles, snowboard/Burton Feelgood ES.


30 for 30, Redux

14 Dec

Hi from day2daywear! Fabienne invited me to come over and do a 30 for 30 debrief over here while she is over doing one at my blog. What an awesome idea!!  Fab, can you feed our cat when you are over there too please!! :) Thanks Hon.

When I first started blogging I ready Kendi’s blog religiously.  Man did that girl have great clothes, fun ideas, and COURAGE.  I mean, to pick 30 items and wear only those for 30 days?  So this time around, and 5 months into blogging I thought “Heck, if Kendi can do it, so can I… or at least, I’ll give it a try”.

So for the days leading up to the start line I carefully scanned my closet picking items, trying things on.  I was preparing the same way I prepare for my long distance triathlons. Lay it all out carefully, make sure I have everything, check it twice. Throw in some extra power gels in case (kidding  :).

My first challenge was that at least 80% of my fall/winter clothes were black!!  What really helped me out was the tights, scarves and wide belts. And I know, my brown belt has paid for itself at least 50 times over by now but don’t tell the newbies this.
I don’t know about you (any of you who did the challenge) but I found it SO MUCH EASIER than NOT doing the challenge.  I had less choice and more freedom to be creative. I pulled out ideas that I would never have thought of otherwise.  It made me think outside the box.  I got ideas from other bloggers.  I wore a skirt as a top and I even LAYERED!!  For me, because of my size, I feel like I bulk up too much layering, but I did it anyway and survived!!! 
What did I learn:
1.  I need to go shopping with Emma daily at Daily clothes fix and get more color in my wardrobe
2.  I do NOT need to buy more clothes (disregard point #1)
3.  Accessories are my friend
4.  Thinking out of the box was fun
5.  It’s okay if people laugh at me
6.  There are ALOT of other bloggers out there (thanks for posting the Remixers list Kendi!!)
7.  I have more creativity in me than I thought I did
8.  It was FUN and I will most certainly do it again
9.  If I pick a limited number of items to wear each week it would make my life much easier than having the whole closet to choose from.
10.  Fabienne ROCKS
The outfits you see are among my fav’s!!!  Congrats to all you other mixers, hope you had as much fun as I did!! xoxo J
FJ here. A big shout out to Jodi for playing and to Kendi for starting the whole thing. I highly recommend taking the challenge next time around. It’s really been fun! And for my take on it, check out Jodi’s blog, day2daywear, (and stay a while.)

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30 for 30, day THIRTY!

08 Dec
In repose at Modern Coffee in Oakland. The best coffee shop ever!

Soft n’ fuzzy

‘Tis the season to… Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Who brought Labor Day back? Judge not so fast, my friends, these are my Winter Whites. That’s right, all soft and woolly and creamy dreamy. Not, I repeat, not the crisp stark whites I used to wear in my LL Bean catalog fantasy life when my good-looking catalog husband and I went sailing. I wouldn’t go as far as calling this the pièce de résistance but I wouldn’t take it out with the trash tonight, either.

I tried to go out with a big fuzzy creamy bang except I’d pretty much run out of interesting options. Really, just trust me on that. That’s because I’m officially all done with the remix and I know exactly what I’m wearing tomorrow. You got a sneak peek earlier. I can’t wait!

I have to admit, it feels a little like The End of something. I’m going to take a few days and collect my thoughts on the experience. I will leave you with just this:

I passed up a holiday party to go running tonight. I’m either losing my marbles or I’m growing up, (I’m so proud of my adult self!) Oh, don’t look so concerned, there’s another on Friday. With cocktails.

Deets: Creamy sweater wrap/Old Navy, creamy lacy dress/YaYa Nom de Plume, skinny black belt/Nordstrom’s, black flower accessory/H&M, creamy knit tights/Hue, black leather ankle boots/Munro, tree of life necklace/gifted, kitties ring/gifted, hand-carved wood earrings/somewhere in Chicago.


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30 for 30, day 29. Flying shoes, oh my!

07 Dec
Even the headband only lasted an hour


Minty fresh!

Hey, what are these doing here?

Oh Lady Inspiration, where art thou? Just look what’s become of me. Sigh.

Alas, have no fear, I’ve save the angelic vision of winter white for my remix exit tomorrow. Today though, mm…, not so much. I’ll admit it was a funny fashion day.

However uninspired, this would be no ordinary day. In my mad haste to the car this morning I sent my left shoe flying south due to a faulty lacy no-show bootie whose elastic had just kicked the bucket. By the time I’d finally replace them to abate the friction between shoe and foot, it was too late. They hurt. (Enter sad feet here.)

With one hour left to my workday I kissed the shoes and the belt good-bye, (I was on a roll, you see), and traded them in for my running shoes. I’d shed the blazer hours before, I’d been keeping warm around the office by doing laps all day; I tend to prefer face time over email.

Unrelated to fashion, yet still within the realm of a funny day, my cell phone died of boredom in the gym locker room. I couldn’t check the train schedule nor text my honey chauffeur for domicile limo* service. I detoured via the office to look up said train time, called the hubby hotline for honey chauffeur service and continued on my merry way.

All’s well that ends well.

Deets: Black boyfriend blazer/Urban Outfitters, white tuxedo t-shirt/Icon International, grey ankle pants/Express, skinny black belt/Nordstrom’s, black suede ballet flats/Ecco, black hand-carved ginkgo earrings/Braindrops, crystal cocktail ring/Ariella.

* If by limo you assumed I meant a German seven year old four-door sedan, then you were right.


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