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FBFF Q&A: Blogger authenticity

21 Jan
Some authentic love and bad helmet hair from last weekend’s trip

Our favorite run of the day

Will the real Fabienne please stand up? 

Readers value authenticity in a blog but defining what makes it authentic varies greatly. Who are we? How are we coming across? Who’s doing it well? Am I trying too hard? Does this blog make my butt look big? (Oh, I just couldn’t help myself!)

It’s Friend Friday and the topic this week is about what we deem authentic and how we express that quality in our blogs.

FBFF: Most readers and fellow fashion bloggers value authenticity in the blogs they read. How would you describe blog/blogger authenticity?
FJ: I would say there’s a level of humility that comes through somehow. I don’t mean self-deprecation, but rather a sense that the voice used to speak to me as a reader conveys friendliness and a desire to connect. This also something that consistency brings with time. I often check out a blog several times before deciding to follow. 

There’s a lot going on these days about authentic products, authentic experiences and behavior, it’s the latest in marketing jargon. Honestly, staying true to your character is as authentic as you can get. If someone is a super sharp dresser with the discretionary income one only dreams of it’s not any more authentic of them to try to play it down just appear “authentic”. Work what you’ve got, don’t apologize. If you’re flashy by nature, be flashy. If you’re a mom, be a mom.

FBFF: When it comes to your blog how do you infuse it with that true authentic feeling?
FB: Firstly, I will say that I definitely censor myself. What sounds funny when you’re with close friends does not always translate in the written word. Nor do I want to be remembered for the bad day I had or the like. 

That being said, everything you get is 100% me. My goofy sense of humor. My propensity for storytelling, my love of colors, nature, food, and let’s not forget snowboarding! I choose to represent myself accurately and also mindfully. I don’t mind having a good laugh at what I wore ten years from now but it would upset me greatly if a vignette of a bad day remained in the blogosphere to haunt me forever, especially out of context.

FBFF: Have you stopped following a blog in the last three months? What made you lose interest?
FJ: Yes. The blogger seemed to have a lot of negative energy. Maybe it was a bad or difficult time for her. By no means do I expect everyone to be a Pollyanna, that would be disingenuous, but the impression I got was that person’s outlook on life had a negative bent to it. Not only could I not do anything to help but it started bumming me out. I think it would have been different if she had reached out. Who doesn’t want to help a sister? 

FBFF: We can’t communicate effectively on our blogs, something we don’t live in real life… what are some ways you try to live an authentic life?
FJ: I don’t know if I can sum it up in just a few words! I’ll try. Honestly, I don’t find it too difficult to be genuine, I don’t let convention or assumptions bog me down. I’m probably a rebel in disguise! A rebel who can see both sides of the story. I try to live the life I believe in, I try not to pass judgment without in-depth knowledge, I try to stand up for myself when necessary and I’m not afraid of being super affectionate and letting those I care about know it. Lastly, I’m not afraid of being wrong, it happens to all of us once in a while. I think those are pretty good starting points. And I surround myself with quality people. Your peeps say a lot about who you are, I happen to think mine are the bomb!

FBFF: Give a shout-out… Which bloggers do you think are truly genuine and why?
FJ: Lol! How many of us are going to say “Katy”? Ok, there are quite a few so off the top of my head:

Katy (YOU!) from ModlyChic. Why? Your personality shines through even while you’re giving us advice and sharing your know-how with the community. At no point do you come across as authoritative yet you are so well respected. That says a lot about your authenticity.

Jodi from day2daywear. I just love her personality and enthusiasm. I enjoy all the little life tidbits she throws into her posts. You get the sense that even if she has a bad day she’s going to find something to laugh about. And you’re invited to laugh along.

Kendi from Kendi Everyday. I love the one post where she describes the sound of her voice. I swear it changed how I read her posts now.

Emma from Daily Clothes Fix. So much of her character comes across in the photos and her outfits. It feels so genuine. She’s got great ethics but has never appeared preachy. It inspires me.

Rose from Lovely Ladypants McGee. Her voice comes across genuinely. She’s creative, funny, eloquent. She, too, shares aspects of her life that just make me like her more!

Mackenzie from Whatever, Gatsby. I don’t know how she wouldn’t come across as authentic, seriously! If only I were that cool when I was twenty. Or that fearless!

Yvonne from Fashnlvr. I just started following her after signing up for Style Nation. I feel like I can basically say the same things about all of these ladies. I dig how they come across: intelligent, inquisitive, fun, personable, creative. They’re all different but share a lot of the same traits on their blogs.

I could keep going on and on: Collette from Statements in Fashion, Vahni from Grit and Glamour, Sal from Already Pretty…) The coolest thing is that I will keep discovering more bloggers that will inspire me, and so the cycle will continue. Yay for blogging!

Thank you Katy of Modly Chic, a very authentic blogger, for putting together these questions. Friend Friday is an opportunity for fashion and beauty bloggers to share their thoughts on a specific topic and read what others have to say on that same topic. For more information, check out Modly Chic and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!


FBFF Q&A: Avoiding the clothes hurricane.

13 Jan
This was my 1.11.11 outfit

Standing in front of my open closet doors the other day I hollered to no one in particular that I don’t know what to wear, I have too many cute clothes to choose from. (I know!) I was actually saying this to the hubby but it’s like that saying about if a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one to hear it, did it actually make any noise? If I’m squawking away in front of my closet but he only hears sweet melodic background noise, am I actually saying anything? (Don’t answer.)

This claim is actually an advanced version of the old “I have nothing to wear” proclamation. I had tons to wear, just no idea what. I was tired the night before and didn’t do what I normally do. What’s that, you ask? Continue reading and you shall have your answer.

It’s Friend Friday and the topic this week is about how we determine what we’re going to wear. What’s your magic process?

FBFF: How do you determine what you will wear that day?
FJ: Often I already have something in mind. Either it’s a style I’m in the mood for, or a color. More often than not, I know what color I’m in the mood for. Isn’t that funny? I do this the night before. Every once in a blue moon, by morning I may no longer want to wear that color but usually I do. The other wild card is that sometimes I may have an accessory or shoes in mind and will create an outfit around that one single thing.

FBFF: Do you plan outfits out in advance for a whole week, month, weekend?
FJ: No, planning that far ahead stresses me out. I’m too much of a perfectionist to want to do that to myself! Just the night before, or maybe something I’ll want to wear in the next day or two. 

FBFF: Do you have any specific way of tracking outfits and items already worn so you don’t repeat?
FJ: Gosh no! I’m a chronic repeater. If I love an outfit, I’ll wear it every week. Worse yet, I’ll wear it on the same day which makes it worse. I never worried about it before, I don’t think anyone at work had ever noticed but now that I’m documenting my outfits almost daily, I’ve become really aware of it. That’s the reason I don’t think I can document daily. I WANT to repeat those outfits I love. Things are going to start looking more and more familiar in no time. I’m going to do my best to shelter you from this!

I’ve decided to indulge my chronic repetition on days I don’t post and try to mix it up a little more when I’m showing pix. I want to give extra big props to Emma of Daily Clothes Fix who today just completed 365 days of no repeats. This is huge! As a chronic repeater, I’m in awe. 

FBFF: How do you discover new combinations of items in your closet? (Trial try-ons? Hanging items together?)
FJ: Definitely try-ons. I’ve made the mistake a few times of not actually trying all the pieces on because they looked good together on the hanger and it’s not a pretty scene when I get stumped in the morning. I don’t like to rush and I hate being late. Mess with the system and you’ve got a clothes hurricane in the bedroom!

In fact, one of my favorite things to do when I buy something new is to go through my closet and find all the cute possible ways to wear it. The hubby avoids the warzone and I play dress-up for an hour. That really is my idea of a good time.

Last year, some friends were visiting from San Diego. I don’t know what got into us but she and I left our men downstairs and went up to my closet. We literally did a fashion show with all my clothes for the guys. It was totally random and fun. 

FBFF: To streamline the process for 2011 what is the one new thing you can do to cut down your dressing time?
FJ: Actually getting dressed takes very little time since I have it worked out the night before. The thing I started doing, which I will continue to do is always have tights in perfect condition and have enough no-show undergarments in basic colors, including full dress slips. I can’t tell you how many times I slip on the only clean pair of black tights to discover that they were damaged and my other pairs are in the hamper. Next thing I know, I’ve blanked out on what to wear and I’m trapped in the middle of a clothes hurricane. My hubby is impressed with the kind of damage I can do in a limited amount of time. Heck, I’m impressed.

Last year, I bit the bullet and bought two Commando brand full dress slips, one in nude and one in black. All of a sudden, I could wear every dress in my closet! They were sooooo expensive, though. I have dresses that cost maybe twenty dollars and I’m wearing an eighty dollar slip underneath. It was so worth it. They don’t have any seams, they don’t puckers, the straps are adjustable and they’ll last forever. I don’t have a single dress that sits in my closet because it’s too shear or needs a shirt or tank top underneath or my underwear is too visible. That purchase relieved me of so much frustration.

Thank you Katy of Modly Chic for putting together these questions. Friend Friday is an opportunity for fashion and beauty bloggers to share their thoughts on a specific topic and read what others have to say on that same topic. For more information, check out Modly Chic and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

Deets: Burgundy dress/unknown, cherry sweater shrug/Moth, belt/Anthropologie, brown tights/Hue, brown man-made suede boots/Munro, necklace/gifted, cloche hat/Goorin Bros.


Q & A: Daily Clothes Fix

06 Jan

Not long after I first started my blog to document my 30 for 30 remix I discovered another blogger who piqued my interest. The creativity behind her style choices, the themes and the purpose with which she worked color really made an impression on me. Since then, I’ve made it a point to stay up to date with her posts, they inspire me and often bring a smile to my face.

I soon found out that her mission was no outfit repeats for an entire year. Wow! As the end of her mission nears, I thought it would be interesting to get her thoughts on the past year. She was gracious enough to accept my request to interview her. Readers, I bring you Emma Clark of Daily Clothes Fix. I hope you enjoy learning more about her as much as I did, she’s the bomb!


FJ: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
EC: My name is Emma and I live in Newcastle in the north of England. I love clothes and have a bad shopping habit but I am worried about how much we consume and how ethical our fashion industry is. Having worked in fair trade, I think that people should be paid a living wage and that we should consider where our clothes come from. For me, this means getting clothes secondhand or shopping at places that I believe have a good record with their suppliers.

FJ: What spurned the whole concept?
EC: My blog started because of a dare. One of my friends bet me that I couldn’t create a blog and post what I wore online every day. I’m now 12 months down the line and can’t believe I have got this far and how much has changed for me.

There’s now a secondary challenge with the blog, as I haven’t yet repeated an outfit. With less than one month left, I think I should be able to finish the year without wearing the same look twice.

FJ: Do you have any outfits that shone for you? A combination that you can’t wait to repeat?
EC: It’s so hard to pick my favourites, it would be like choosing a favourite child. I post a “best of” each month so this gives a good reflection of what I love. But my style and taste continues to change and I love how everything evolves, so there is nothing in particular I want to repeat. It’s all about moving forward.

FJ: How about an outfit that was not a winner in your book? Care to share which?
EC: I try to push the boundaries with what I wear, so inevitably some things don’t work. One of the biggest learnings from looking at outfits is seeing which silhouettes don’t work. The other one is not to try too hard – when I try to force things, you can usually tell, so I just let things happen now.

Probably my least favourite outfit are the ones where the proportions are wrong. The last ones I didn’t like much were Hair-raising and Mongolian Chic. But it’s all a learning process and those mistakes help to create better outfit in the future.

FJ: What was the most valuable thing you learned from doing this?
EC: That there is a wonderful community of bloggers out there, all of whom share a love of creativity and clothes. I have been overwhelmed by how positive, supportive and welcoming the blog community is. It’s a wonderful way to connect with people who share a love of the same things and that’s something I would never have anticipated when I started this.

FJ: Which outfit was the most humorous to you? I have to ask this question because you’re incredibly creative and take risks, you must have a fantastic sense of humor to fuel this at times.
EC: My outfit for 30 for 30 where I wore the patterned tights (Wow!) amused me no end. I think it was people’s reactions, whether they were amused, confused or gobsmacked. I suspected that it might have that effect and do have a bit of a tendency to try to provoke a reaction. 

I’ve also gone out in a pair of pyjama bottoms because I thought it was ridiculous to buy a pair of silk trousers. In my view that’s what creativity is about. Why be dull?

FJ: What were some of the challenges?
EC: The biggest challenge at the moment is trying to take photos. Before work it’s too dark and the sun sets before I finish. That combined with the very cold weather at the moment is a big issue. I try to choose backdrops that are interesting and match the outfit, but it’s challenging to do that at the moment. I miss exploring and finding the perfect spot, so I’m looking forward to spring.

FJ: Did you ever think to yourself that now you’d done it, that the outfit of the day really pushed you limits or boundaries? Or you just found humor in it?
EC: I think the answer is both. I look back at some of the things I wore at the beginning of the blog and know that my style has changed a lot and some of my followers have said the same thing. I know that blogging has made me look at my clothes in a different way. Taking inspiration from other people means I often push my boundaries by wearing things that I otherwise wouldn’t (faux fur gilets, shorts, etc).

But I also enjoy other people’s reactions to a look, which can be very funny. I love reading the comments I receive and I also find it entertaining to hear what my colleagues think. The best comment I ever got at work was “It’s a fashion show, not a freak show”. That made me laugh so much.

FJ: If you did this again, what would you do differently?
EC: That is such a hard question to answer. I look back on some of the mistakes I have made (like poor photography, terrible backdrops, etc) and cringe. But all of it helped me become a better blogger (and I continue to learn from the mistakes I still make).

On a superficial level, I might have called the blog something else. I would love a day off once the challenge is over but with a blog called Daily Clothes Fix there seems to be a bit of a branding issue. Doh!

FJ: Favorite piece of advice to women?
EC: Wear what you love. If you feel great in an outfit, it shows. And I don’t hold with keeping things for best. I have worn a cocktail dress to work (11th August) and no one noticed. I think people should dress to please themselves and no worry about what other people think. You’re only here once so have fun and make the most of it.

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Happy New Year! FBFF Q’s: New Year…

01 Jan
Winter wonderland

Happy New Year! It’s Saturday but I’m really comfortable pretending that it’s Friday which is why I decided to postpone Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday. If you saw yesterday’s post, you would understand why I opted not to subject you to the world’s longest post. Sometimes, there’s good reason to be tardy.

Before going any further, I just want to acknowledge how amazing entering the world of blogging has been for me. It’s because of you. Really, you! I like to think of it as well-balanced symbiotic relationship. Knowing me, I’ll expound later. For now, I’ll answer this week’s questions.

New Year, new blog, new you… resolutions and goals for 2011

FBFF: What’s the one thing you vow to learn or do in 2011 to improve your blog?
FJ: I’m interested in making the switch to WordPress to allow for greater functionality and customization and learning more. One of the advantages of being a designer is that I know how to make stuff look great. The disadvantage of using blogging applications is that they are incredibly limited in order to be easier to use. I find myself frustrated by those limitations, however minor they might be at times. I still have a lot to learn. Hollering across the room for help from the hubby is not a sustainable long-term solution.

FBFF: What did you learn about blogging in 2010 that you plan to put into practice next year?

FJ: Being active in the community. I’m still defining how much time to spend doing research, working on posts, connecting with readers and the community at large. It’s a very fluid process, some days or weeks are more or less demanding than others. In order to post almost daily, I’ve made peace with the organic scheduling fluctuations that will occur.

FBFF: Do you have any high-level goals for your blog in the coming year? Monetization? More comments? More connections with other bloggers? A new template?

FJ: I’m looking forward to refining my blog and connecting with other bloggers. I want to put more energy into writing more in-depth pieces and keep the content diverse. I also really want to improve my writing and photography skills. 

I’m a storyteller which I have probably known intuitively all my life yet had never acknowledged until recently. I come from a long line of storytellers, just ask my dad a simple question! Maybe it’s just a Mediterranean thing, but I feel like I’ve been surrounded by storytellers all my life. It was bound to get passed down.

FBFF: If you could collaborate with one other blogger within your sphere of influence in 2011, who would you like to collaborate with, and what would you like to collaborate on?

FJ: Oooh, tough question! I can think of a couple bloggers that I’ve connected with who’ve risen to the top for me. I like how their personality comes through and the creativity they exhibit. Those two would be Jodi of day2daywear and Emma of Daily Clothes Fix. I could see myself collaborating with bloggers I don’t know, like Sal of Already Pretty. She has so much great advice to offer and is such a great writer. 

As far as what we would collaborate on? I don’t have any specific ideas. Either a theme or writing a post together, who knows. 

FBFF: What do you plan to do to support other bloggers next year?
FJ: I want to keep checking out new blogs and providing support whenever I can. Either by joining groups or commenting whenever it feels appropriate.

Thank you Katy of Modly Chic, along with Vahni of Grit and Glamourfor putting together these questions. Friend Friday is an opportunity for fashion and beauty bloggers to share their thoughts on a specific topic and read what others have to say on that same topic. For more information, check out Modly Chic.