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09 Dec
Holiday cowgirl?

Love the chain! Yeehaw!


Untitled. Accepting caption suggestions

While some might find themselves watching quality television on a Tuesday night, I was surrounded by a gaggle of cheerleaders. Professional cheerleaders.

I narrowly escaped the slow onslaught of bubbly cheerleader creep closing in on me as I stretched my limbs after running. At first glance I posed a question to myself, (silently, of course!), “a dance troupe?” as they happen to be great in numbers and seemingly limber. On the second occurrence I decided these tiny dancers, (oh yes, they are mostly tiny yet curvy), were loyal Raiders fans; they had branded gym bags and such.

Two nights ago, I spotted a pom-pom sticking out of a bag. Yes! These are the Raiderettes! (Thank you interwebs.) It does makes sense after all: Flagship Club One in Oakland, local football cheerleader practice. While I may not be the sharpest Crayon in the box, I’m proud to say that my Sherlock-like* powers of deduction brought me to  conclusion that I was in a potentially enviable position.

Although it may have been less than ideal for me and my selfish stretching, I don’t suppose many people can claim that they are officially one degree of separation away from a professional football player. Or cheerleader, for that matter.

My question is, am I one or two degrees of separation away?

On a different note, I found a huge beefy slab of, um, beef in the fridge at work today. Unwrapped, just hanging out in a drawer. I made my friend Jose touch it, I had a soupçon* that it was fake.

It added a nice touch of color to offset the monochromatic bit-mapped reindeer dress/tunic/sweater I wore today in addition to the teal leg-warmers peeking out of my vegan cowgirl boots.

Leg-warmers: No longer for the Eighties.

And how has your week been? Are any of you wearing something for the second time around? Just curious. And yes, I wore leg-warmers the first time around. Shhhh… it will be our secret.

Deets: Reindeer tunic dress thing/ModCloth, black leggings/Hue, faux cowgirl boots/ModCloth, teal leg-warmers/unknown, silver and mother-of-pearl cuff and necklace/Lois Hill, hand-carved wood earrings/Chicago.

* Sherlock. A BBC production. Just watched it. Highly recommend it.
† Soupçon: Hint or very small amount, (French). See how I snuck that in?

“Beef” photo by José Rodriguez


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30 for 30, day 15. Brrrrrr!

22 Nov
Oh snowboarding beanie*, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

These digits don’t get cold

That skirt is becoming a favorite

Sans cardi

Today, it got cold. Not ice-on-the-road cold, just cold. It was 77° when I started the challenge and I’m having to get really creative with the layering.

Today was almost bust. My outfit was ok, actually, I was quite proud of wearing legwarmers again and matching one of my aprés-ski beanies to the sweater skirt. But I came home tonight, stared at my closet and thought I have nothing to wear. Yep, it’s happening.

But I’m not giving up. If I have to throw that black t-shirt over every outfit I’ve worn and call it a remix, I’m gonna. Don’t dare me.

You know why I’m not giving up? Because I believe that I can do it. Every day, I check all the blogs I’ve started to follow then I check a couple new ones out. I have to tell you I am amazed at your creativity. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me. What have you found helpful? Inspiring? Share please!

Here are a few of mine:
• Emma wearing her sweater backwards
• Angie layering a cardi over a shirt over a dress
• Kiera’s sense of humor about her photos the other day

There’s a lot more but I tweaked my back today getting out of bed, (smooth move…), and really need to go lay down. My husband said that’s what happens when you get old. Doesn’t he see my legwarmers? I’m not old, I’ve just been alive a long time. (FTW!) And I’m enjoying every minute of denial, while keeping my legs very, very warm.

Deets: Slouchy burgundy boyfriend sweater/BDG, Urban Outfitters, (Yes, I DO live in that sweater now, what of it?), green chartreuse blouse/ModCloth, black scoop-neck t-shirt/Michael Stars, recycled sweater skirt/Urban Outfitters, black skinny belt/Nordstrom’s, burgundy angora scarf/gifted, beanie/Mountain Hardware, orange wool gloves/Old Navy, black tights/Hue, black ballet flats/Ecco.

* That’s not meant to imply I’d ride in a beanie. My valuable head is beautifully protected by a helmet. I’m not hurling that thing down any steeps without protection. The beanie covers the glorious helmet hair after the fact.

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30 for 30, day 14. Cookies!

21 Nov
Weekend wonder woman, about to tackle the rest of the chores while wearing a side braid

I gave myself so many points for pinning that dusty rose flower onto my sweater

Legwarmers, not just for Flashdance themed parties.

Cookies were in order but there weren’t any at home. There were two but I ate them so it didn’t count.

Ever have one of those days when you really, really want something? Like cookies? I’d already gone running for an hour and I was just starting in on everything I managed to avoid doing yesterday, like getting the dining room ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

No biggie, if you don’t mind the sewing station set up on the camping table, the fact that we don’t have a dining table, (didn’t need one in our loft), and all the mail, bills and paperwork to be filed end up in that room. In neat stacks on the floor. I’m organized, I’m just messy about it sometimes.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget those last two boxes that we didn’t unpack when we moved in a few months ago. Sigh.

A girl’s gotta improvise! Everything got moved and put away, filed and, as a last ditch effort in the name of Gettin’ It Done, just hidden from view. The outdoor patio table got cleaned off and has a lovely tablecloth over it and now fits 6 small people. 

Lastly, I shoved a handful of dark chocolate, (Dagoba New Moon, 74% cacao), and pecans, alternating between the two as I created Sunday’s ghetto fabulous chocolate delight. Then the hubby practiced making some new divine concoctions and got his wifey tipsy for a few minutes.

But nothing stops the incredible productivity machine! I just got done making soup: Potato bok choy soup. It’s my totally made-up version of potato leek. We accidentally ended up with way too much bok choy, it’s a long story.

By the way, it got cold today. To be clear, it was “California” cold, not the other kind. I finally got to use the legwarmers.

Deets: Green cashmere pullover sweater/Bloomingdale’s, Pink base layer/Mountain Hardware, (no, it’s not in my remix, it’s technically an underwear-type thingy, Remixed black dance pants/Lululemon, Legwarmers/H&M, Black and silver striped socks/Unknown, no shoes.


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