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FBFF: It’s in the bag, baby

21 Jul

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Daily outfit and style tip, oversize pink bag


Daily outfit and style tip, purse contents

What is? Well, everything. These are, apparently, the things I cannot do without when I leave my house in the morning. There’s been a slight change in Fashion Beauty Friend Friday. Katy, of FBFF fame, has evolved the schedule of the question and answer series from weekly to bi-monthly so that we may have more time to ruminate on each topic. The gap in the schedule provided an unforeseen opportunity. FBFF members can suggest any type of blog event for that week. This week’s event, “What’s in your bag?” is brought to you by Marie-Eve of A Pretty Nest.

At first I thought, why would anyone want to see the contents of my purse? Probably for the same reasons that I jumped on the chance to see the contents of Vahni of Grit & Glamour’s bag just a few days ago. This, to me, is beyond voyeurism. This is female history. Let me explain.

When I tell my husband to get something out of my purse, he returns with purse in hand, holding it with the kind of reticent disdain reserved for perhaps a soiled baby diaper and makes me fish it out.

I kid you not. He does not look through my purse. In fact, no male partner I’ve had has ever cared to. I think it scares them, there are girlie things in there. We women, on the other hand, love seeing what’s lurking within. Oh the mysterious things. What is that? I love that lipstick, let me try on your sunglasses. I have the same blotting papers! We bond over those mystery items. Do you remember your first purse? Back in the day when you and your BFF experimented with the content of said purses?

I’m reminded of a time when I was no more than a wee tot foraging through my mother’s purse for a stick of gum and getting lost in the fantasy, the Mary Poppins-ness of it all. There are secrets in there. Am I organized? (Not too much.) Am I prepared? (You have no idea how truly prepared I am.) Am I practical? (Mostly.) I bring you the moment of truth:

- Graph paper notebook. I love making lists and checking things off. I also sketch.

- Small notebook. My coworker custom made this one for me. I asked her to sew “slut” on the cover.

- Micron pen. Hubby turned me on to those pens with the graph paper notebook. I’m just pimpin’ his style.

- Michael Kors purple cat eye sunglasses. I squint at the slightest hint of sunlight. Like Miss Mole.

- LaFont purple reading glasses. Don’t laugh. You’ll turn 40 someday and will need a cool pair of your own.

- Ice gum. I chew for all of three minutes sometimes after a meal. I hate chewing gum. I’d rather eat food.

- Pink penguin coin purse. Miscellaneous cards go in there, like my Anthro and Sephora cards.

- Cheap fake patent leather wallet. Love the fact that it barely holds anything. That’s my wallet.

- Work security badge. I’ve been told I’m the only person who comes in once a year and updates her photo. I’ve been at my job 8 years, I don’t really want a picture of me with short spiky platinum hair looking 8 years younger now when I don’t look like that anymore.

- Green Chinese coin purse. Contains: clippers, nail file, knife, (yes, really. I told you I was prepared.), safety pins, eye drops, medication, ibuprofen, allergy pills and the like.

- Pink multi zipper bag. Contents: Girlie things, (you know what I’m talking about), toothbrush, dental picks, glasses wiping cloth, tissues, spare pen that I hope never to use because I hate it. A lot of Lactaid because someone wasn’t designed to eat dairy. Big comb for big hair.

- 3G iPhone. I’ve waited this long for the 5, I can keep using the sloPhone for a couple more months. The skin was a gift from my girl, Teenie.

- Skull Candy earbuds. Checking into Foursquare while at Radio Shack got me a fat discount on these. I know, they’re Skull Candy. The name alone made me feel like I should be buying them for the teenage son I don’t have. I sat there with my phone and read all the reviews before buying them. They’re great, actually.

- Keys on a bag keychain. I only have three keys on me: car, postal box, house. I hate keychains, they’re too big and make too much noise.

- Hammi the hamster pocket mirror. He matches Hammi the stuffed animal who hangs out in my closet. Hammi is short for Hamilton.

- Blotting papers. Useful impulse buy from Sephora.

- Burt’s Bees lip balm. I’ve always been a big fan and have about 10 lip balms strewn throughout the house and in assorted jacket pockets.

- Chanel lipstick. Love.

- Sephora lipstick. Also love and discovered recently.

- Hair clip and 2 hair pins. You never know.

- “Happy” bag. Most small things go in there.

- Unseen items: Checkbook, which needs to be refilled, camera, which I was using, iPod, which is still in gym bag.

- Additional miscellaneous visiting items: Scarf, book, lunch, magazines.

I’ve given away all my secrets. The 2 hair pins, chewing gum and the knife probably give away that I’m a female MacGyver. What’s in your bag?

Thank you Katy of Modly Chic for encouraging this topic. Friend Friday is an opportunity for fashion and beauty bloggers to share their thoughts on a specific topic and read what others have to say on that same topic. For more information, check out Modly Chic and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

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Bag, (and did you see the size of that bag?)/ModCloth, “Happy” clutch/Whole Foods, pink zippers bag/gifted, green Chinese coin purse/gifted from China, hot pink penguin coin purse/Claire’s, fake patent leather wallet/H&M.


30 for 30 Winter, Day 21

07 Mar
Sitting in my garden

Sitting pretty in aqua

Standing against the fence

The outfit in its entirety

An obi belt I made myself

The obi belt I made with two silk ties

Bracelets from H&M

Love the color of these dainty bracelets!

Patterned tights and cool bag from Argentina

My purse against the pattern of the tights

I’m officially behind on getting pictures up but, on the other hand, I’ve got a slew of cool snowboarding photos. I’ll spare you most, but do stay tuned for my favorite. It has to do with a sign, a skull and crossbones, and me and the hubby. Grinning.

Fine, twist my arm, I’ll just tell you all about it. We posed like tourists in front of the “Experts Only” sign for the double black diamond run we did six times. Cheesy, yes, but in a good way. I’ll get it up soon for your viewing pleasure. We look silly, I’m warning you.


Deets: Aqua cashmere cardi/Bloomingdale’s, black dress/MaxStudio, patterned tights/Cynthia Crowley, obi belt/ReStyled as shown here, black leather ankle boots/Munro, teal and silver tone bracelets/H&M, hand-made glass bead necklace/gifted, purse/gifted from Argentina.


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