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If the shoe fits

24 Aug

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Daily outfit and style tip, wearing paisley dress, pink ruffle cardigan

Daily outfit and style tip, wearing paisley dress, pink ruffle cardigan, platform shoes

Daily outfit and style tip, wearing glass spiral earrings

Or in this case, if the earring fits. There are days when I absolutely fixate on the need to dress around one item. This time around it was a pair of earrings. I don’t have many earrings, as you may or may not have noticed. You know I love my big blondes, as shown here, but when I laid on eyes on these

it was love at first sight.

They are opaque glass in the palest minty green. That’s right, glass. They’re light and the swirls remind me of a DNA strand. They’re beautiful and yet a little strange. Love. Sometimes, it really is that simple.

{ style tip: }

I kept the accessories to a minimum to allow the earrings to really stand out. The exception was this vintage rose brooch that my mom gave me. It added the perfect touch to the outfit without standing out.

Daily outfit and style tip, wearing vintage rose brooch

It really is ok to dress around one item but when you do, make sure you let is shine. Don’t take away from your statement piece with too many distractions. The pattern on my dress was light and soft, the pale pink of my cardigan complemented the softness of the earrings.

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Paisley dress/H&M, soft pink ruffled cardigan/H&M, champagne platform shoes/Tsubo, vintage rose brooch/gifted, glass earrings/Braindrops.


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My tribe

20 Jun

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Daily outfit and style tips, wearing coral ruffle tank, sage green shorts, blazer
Smiling with the flowers


I recently went back to the town I grew up in for lunch on a weekend. We were seated and served. All the while I couldn’t help but fixate on the faces around, familiar and strange at the same time. I recognized familial facial features and could take a guess at which families of my childhood they belonged to. How odd to consider that we can look so much like our parents and siblings, our cousins and aunts and uncles that we can be identified by strangers as belonging to our tribe.

Daily outfit and style tips, wearing coral ruffle tank, sage green shorts, blazer
These colors are perfect for spring

I walked into a Lower Haight street bar years ago to have the bartender ask me if I had a sister, proceeding to then describe my sister. We didn’t even live in the same city let alone run in the same circles. She was referring to my youngest sister who’s seven years younger than me, has slightly lighter skin and very long curly black hair.

At the time, I had very short blond hair.

I know we look alike but it’s because I know we’re about the same size, I know her face and her expression as intimately as I know my own. But how does a stranger know? Do we look so much like family in a poorly lit neighborhood bar that we give it away that easily?

I’m always amazed at the similarities between my sisters and I; the same smile, the same exact reactions and facial expressions to what someone said. What a precious thing it is to experience bits of myself in the mirror of my tribe.

Daily outfit and style tips, wearing coral ruffle tank and rose necklace
Delicate rose necklace was a gift from the hubby

{ style tip: }

As you’ve probably noticed by now, I’m hooked on this whole notion of dressing up shorts. These soft sage green shorts poof and pucker out like a little skirt. The high paper-bag waist redefines the waistline. To offset the bottom half, I chose a more form-fitting top and a simple fitted blazer. Platform sandals, (my favorite new shoe), and sandy beige flower pattern tights elongated my legs. I exchanged the sausage-effect causing DKNY tights that I had worn earlier for Nordstrom’s own brand. The House in the Clouds recommends them!

Last time I wore shorts I seemed to have piqued your interest. Have any of you given though to how you would execute this? I’m curious at how you’re thinking of putting an outfit with shorts together. Now that I’ve come back from vacation I’d like to put a “Show me your shorts” blog event together! Who’s in? You know you want to!

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Soft sage green shorts/ModCloth, coral ruffle tank/Urban Outfitters, sandy beige flower pattern tights/Nordstrom’s, platform sandals/Urban Outfitters, blazer/Nordstrom’s, rose and sparrow necklace/gifted, vintage kimono cuff/Re4m.

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Filip Jach



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Happy Anniversary, FBFF!

14 Apr

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Daily outfit and style tip, wearing a brown plaid shift with mocha tights and brown boots
Mad for plaid

{ fbff: }

This is the official one-year anniversary of FBFF! In the spirit of gratitude, participating bloggers have been asked to share the love. I like to share. I wish I had tea and cookies to offer you. Come in, sit down and kick off your shoes. It’s Friday, after all.

FBFF: When it comes to me personally, I owe a lot of who I am to:

FJ: My best friends, both male and female. They’ve been such good role models of compassion, optimism, friendship; they’re good people, they’re caring, funny, silly and know how to have a great time without getting self-conscious. They’re beautiful and supportive, curious and intelligent. They’re generous of spirit, they don’t shy away from telling the ones they love “I love you.” How can I not evolve into a better human around them? I feel their love and support in my heart 24/7.

FBFF: When it comes to me professionally, I owe a lot of who I am to:

FJ: My dad, for expecting the best from me always and my friend and former employer, Inez H. She’s an incredible force to be reckoned with and wasn’t going to let me get away with not living up to my potential. She taught me in my very early 20′s to have a voice, an opinion, to stand up for myself, do my research, question everything and always try harder. The credits are complete without giving credit to my seventh grade English teacher, Mr. Paluzzi. I knew someday I’d have the opportunity to thank him. He believed in my writing and pushed me. I wrote my first poem “Flying Forever, Forever Free” in his class and got the highest grade for it. If you’re familiar with my moniker, Flyingfabu, you can see the connection.

FBFF: When it comes to the art of blogging, I’m grateful to these people for helping me through some rough spots:

FJ: I don’t know where to start or who to pick out. I’ll say that reading about other bloggers struggling with a lot of the same issues I have had here and there has helped me connect to them and feel their support. In a lot of ways, participating in this group has shed a lot of light on the similarities between us all. I can start by saying, “thanks, Katy!”

My hubby has also been an incredible source of tech support, I definitely have to give him props, too.

FBFF: One blogging challenge I’m grateful happened because it made me stronger was:

FJ: Kendi’s 30 for 30 challenge. It kick-started it all. Let me tell you, I felt very self-conscious at first. I quickly learned to get my act together, start thinking about what I was doing, finding my voice, defining my online presence. I learned something new in a short period of time that will carry over to other avenues. I do feel stronger.

FFBB:  To my readers, I’d like to say:

FJ: A big humongous THANK YOU! I read every comment, I listen to you and feel your support. I honestly wish I had the time to reply to every single one but it doesn’t mean any less that I don’t. I do take the time every chance I get to visit your blogs, I’m always interested in the faces and characters behind the names and comments. I feel like I’ve gotten to know many of you and it has enriched my life.

You keep me inspired and keep me from getting lazy. I feel like the luckiest woman; I’m so grateful to have a healthy, fun and creative outlet that is also an avenue for connecting with others, (that’s YOU!)


Thank you Katy of Modly Chic for crafting this topic. Friend Friday is an opportunity for fashion and beauty bloggers to share their thoughts on a specific topic and read what others have to say on that same topic. For more information, check out Modly Chic and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

{ style tip: }

A straight shift can be boxy, even on the curviest figure. The dress I’m wearing today works because it’s short and keeps the proportions in balance. The added height of my low-heeled boots elongate my legs just enough. Rather than wear tights the same shade of espresso brown as my boots, I wore mocha tights to add more dimensionality to an otherwise monochromatic palette.

{ deets: }

Brown plaid shift/ModCloth, courtesy of Ana of Better in Sepia, mocha microfiber tights/courtesy of We Love Colors, beige pashmina shawl/Nordstrom’s, brown vegan suede boots/Munro, coral rose and sparrow necklace/Linkel Designs.


30 for 30, Day 24. Yummy Goodness!

01 Dec
Fearlessly mixing black and brown

However wrong it may be, sometimes, cereal for dessert is just yummy! There, I said it. It’s true and I just had a bowl, (actually, it was a small tea cup.)

Less yummy was the belt. It actually looked so much cuter to remove it and un-tuck the thin blouse and have it peek from under the black t-shirt. Much cuter and more comfortable. Honestly, I take my comfort so seriously that it’s a miracle I’m not running around in sweatpants, circa 1985. Alas, I take my vanity seriously, too.

Another yummy thing is that I got tagged with a Versatile Blogger Award by one most super awesome Rose of Lovely Ladypants McGee. Aaack! An award is an award is an award. Silly or not, I’m excited! I recently discovered her blog and fell in love. She’s got delivery, she’s got a rad style. And she’s nice, too boot. Bear with me, here’s how it works:

1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass it along to 7 other blogs you recently discovered and enjoy
4. Leave your recipients a note telling them you awarded them the award

If you’re my friend on Facebook, you’re well aware that I took part in that “25 things about me” meme three times. That’s seventy-five different things about me. I pretty much have no more secrets. Just kidding! Of course I do, silly. But here are seven (hopefully) new-to-you facts:

1. I’ve been blond three times in my life. My current driver’s license states that I’m blond. I’m not blond.

2. I speak French fluently. Mais oui! My written grammar is not quite up to par, I did not continue with French in school when we moved to the U.S. because I was shy and didn’t like the attention. I’ve since realized I’m not shy at all but I was very awkward. Very, very awkward.

3. When I started running, I couldn’t run more than twenty minutes. I was horribly slow and I panted the whole time. Old ladies used to pass me up, (it’s true!) I also have asthma. I was not a natural runner but I didn’t give up. Slow and steady over time, I built up my condition and no longer even use an inhaler. Now, running approximately a 9 minute mile for an hour is not that big of a deal anymore.

4. My mom used to tease me when I would dress myself as a kid. She used to say I looked like a Christmas tree, (and also like my eccentric grandmother, Mémé.) She was afraid I would never quite become ladylike. It’s a phase I never really outgrew.

5. I had a pop band in my 20′s and we played locally. I still sing all the time and totally love it. In fact, I recorded a song for my best friends’, Telene and Konstantin of Polygroovers. Singing makes me very happy. I hope to record more, (hint, hint.)

6. I love making people laugh. I might consider humiliating myself for the sake of a good laugh. I don’t mind humor at my expense, I’m a ham with no shame. In fact, if I get enough encouragement, I’ll post one of today’s ridiculous outtakes. My head ended really large and my legs really little, like a reptile. I laughed super hard when I first saw it. You might, too.

7. I’m a total gear-head. I’m very outdoorsy and practically have everything piece of gear necessary for hiking, backpacking, camping, snowboarding, running, cycling, cold weather, colder weather, the coldest of weathers and Burning Man. I even have a wetsuit and booties. I love the little bit of surfing I did a few years ago and know that I will do it again. I think the ideal snowboarding conditions is when it’s dumping snow and freezing cold. In fact, I may find myself hiking in the rain this weekend, depending on the weather. It’s ok, I have water-proof gear, too.

The bad news is that I’ve been so busy that I don’t have the time to immediately tag 7 other bloggers. But I will, I’m good that way with promises. To be continued…

Deets: Boyfriend blazer/ Sparkle and Fade, Urban Outfitters, sheer paisley blouse/Laundry, black t-shirt/Michael Stars, sage cargo pants/J Brand, Anthropologie, black hand-carved gingko earrings/Braindrops, brown man-made suede boots/Munro.


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