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Shine your light on me

23 Dec
Wearing a green flower dress in my garden

This little number transitioned seamlessly from summer to winter

Owl necklace

Ode to Clash of The Titans


This morning I woke up at 4:15 a.m., coughing. Rather than putting my husband through the Hell that is your partner coughing incessantly next to you, I got out of bed, threw a zinc lozenge in my mouth and spent some quality time with my laptop.

I started thinking about the independent fashion and lifestyle community. How much support and kindness there is out there. I reflected back to a time when life was more competitive amongst women around me. When I was younger and I felt that any woman who had something interesting to offer was immediately a threat subject to character dissection until proven worthy of friendship. A dubious task at best. You can imagine how few made the cut.

It appalls me that this had been my reality. We all collect baggage on our path from toddler to young adult and into maturity. Some we inherit as it’s passed down from generation to generation. We’re also equipped with the ability to shed some of this baggage, which I happen to think is one of the most significant things about developing self-awareness and choosing our evolutionary path.

Who do you want to be? How are you getting there? Have you put an army of support together to help on your journey?

I wish I could tell all women, young and old, this truth: That there is room for all of us in the world to shine. That unity makes us stronger, that we can learn from each other. Whether it be as simple and as superficial as taking note of how someone with beautiful hair styles and cares for it to watching and supporting a friend who’s decided to overcome her fear of advanced math and conquer it. My life-long friend from high school recently decided to this, I can’t tell you how proud I am of her.

When you see another woman in your life succeed, use it to energize your spirit and inspire you to keep trying. When you see a woman comfortable with her beauty take note of what makes her beautiful; it’s likely to be that her capacity for love and compassion, humor and perseverance is what makes her truly shine

Don’t limit your judgment of beauty to a dress size or flawless skin. Life is so much richer than that.

I find myself grateful to have taken a new step in my life with this blog and that I found support from complete strangers. The encouragement I have received says so much about who each one of you are, what you carry in your heart and that you fundamentally believe that there is room for each one of us to shine.

There is no hero. There is no idol. We are more beautiful and interesting collectively; together we make up the different colors, shapes and patterns of a unique weave, the different harmonies of one song. So go ahead, dip your toes in the water of confidence. Embrace the trial and errors, pick yourself up and give it another go. Ask for a hand if you need it, the universe wants you to succeed.

This is your time to shine.


Deets: Green watercolor dress/H&M, green cashmere pullover/Bloomingdale’s, owl necklace/Urban Outfitters, ivory knitted tights/Hue, aqua legwarmers/unknown, grey faux cowboy boots/ModCloth, infinity scarf/hand-knitted by Stacy.


You Give Me Fever.

22 Dec
This girl is back in the pink!
The strangest thing happened today. I felt under the weather all day; that part isn’t strange, it started yesterday. This was demonstrated by sleeping in, skipping the morning photo shoot, getting to work a half hour late, drinking very little coffee, snuggling my neck in very warm wool sweater and drinking tea all day.
I supported the above by sucking on zinc and echinacea, avoiding sugar, (except for that one and only chocolate cookie, shhh…), staying warm and taking it easy. By easy, I’m referring to leaving work a little early, hitting the gym for a short and gentle jog, lots of stretching and some quality time in the jacuzzi and sauna.
This is what happened next. I started running lightly, being very mindful of how I was feeling. Ten or so minutes into it, I started feeling light-headed so I slowed way down, mentally preparing myself to stop. I drank some water, got really, really hot, and then started feeling great. I’m telling you, this is not what I expected. I then stepped it up just a little, nothing too aggressive, and ran easily for an hour.
I’m pretty sure I broke a fever while running. I’m still confused about it.
I felt good enough when I got home to snap up a very low light picture of the top half of my outfit. Pink on pink on pink, pretty much. This is the pink cashmere twin to Old Faithful, the aqua cardi I wear practically every other day. Which has gone missing, by the way.
I’m going to put out an APB if I don’t find it by the end of the week.
Deets: Pink cashmere cardi/Bloomingdale’s, red and green flower tank/unknown, multi-color wool scarf/gifted, skinny black belt/Nordstrom’s, pink wrist gauntlets/hand-knitted by Stacy, black ankle cigarette pants/BDG, Urban Outfitters, purple flower necklace/gifted, wool felt headband/Anthropologie.

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Mediterranean Sunset Dreams

16 Dec
Of course I’m smiling. I just ate some delicious chocolates.

The pearls barely peeked through, exactly how I wanted

Aqua and gold. A calm, deep aqua sea against the striking gold of a hot setting summer sun. Since the Mediterranean is currently off-limits for certain logistical reasons, primarily that my physical being is in Northern California, I shall dream of a different place and season by wearing my imagination.

When I first bought this dress I deemed it too vertically challenged for work but have since grown accustomed to it. In fact, I quite like it. I feel bolder with two pairs of tights on, the juxtaposition of grey lace against the teal tights adds dimension, visual interest and warmth as they disappear into my faux cowboy boots.

Old Faithful makes yet another appearance in its cashmere glory; talk about a sweater that has withstood the test of time. The gold elastic belt does my waistline justice, regardless of the fact that I started my day with Haribo Gold Bears and ended it with four divine CocoaBella chocolates. Somewhere in between all this was a cheddar cheese stick, a frozen Indian entree and half a fruit and nut bar but dinner remains to be seen.

You might have taken notice of the different background. These photos were taken at work, I left the house in a messy mad dash this morning and didn’t have a chance to shoot. My friend Euan at work has been kind enough to take these, as he happens to be quite a kind and skilled photographer. Cross your fingers, I’m hoping his talent make a regular appearance here.

We’re having lunch next week, I’ll keep you updated!

Deets: Dijon dress/ModCloth, aqua cashmere cardigan/Bloomingdale’s, yellow elastic belt/Anthropologie, grey lace tights/Hue, aqua tights/Hue, grey boots/ModCloth, pearl necklace/gifted, grey and teal infinity scarf/hand-made by Stacy.

Photos by Euan Rannachan


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The Tree in the Clouds

15 Dec
I just noticed a fern growing out of my flower bed. Huh.

Check out the sweet fingerless gloves! Thanks Stacy!

Tree hugger

I’m very excited today because yesterday I got a Christmas tree. I’d been feeling a little under the weather this weekend and as I ho-hummed my way around the house rather than ho-ho-ho, something to do with stuff I won’t dwell on like insomnia and how long it takes to walk home (exactly one hour) with two bags of groceries (weighed down with dairy, dairy, eggs, more dairy and two salmon fillets), though I won’t dwell here on why, (car broke down, forgot cell phone at home, don’t know anyone’s number apparently and mis-dialed my sleeping husband’s three times until I got it right.) I was perfectly ready to give up on a tree.

Then it dawned on me. That is EXACTLY why I needed to get that tree. You can’t come home to a house that smells all yummy and Christmas-y covered in twinkly lights of happiness without a little bounce taking over your step and compulsively busting into Santa’s Little Helper’s dance. Skip that last part, that may just be me. I confess, I have a happy dance. It involves a swinging and rotating of the hips, somewhat but not necessarily rhythmically. Some times, when I get really carried away, there’s clapping. I’m multi-dimensional that way.

I conspired with a BFF, shuffled a meeting around to take an early lunch, got picked up in his Christmas Tree Chariot, A.K.A.: the big white truck, and off we went.

There were three price ranges. Charity almost got the best of me as I considered one of the discount trees. They just seemed so sad and sparse. Some were a little yellow, too. Lonely, tugging at my heartstrings. Ah, but the voice of Christmas reason kicked in just in the nick of time and I quickly settled on a beautiful Douglas Fir. (Charity is for other things, not Christmas trees!) My friend Tracy took a video of me hugging it for his girlfriend abroad. See what a tree hugger I am?

Now I’m so happy that I can barely contain my excitement! I skipped yet another holiday party to go running, better for the spirit and the insomnia than alcohol and a late bedtime. I think. And I can’t wait to start decorating!

I’ll even get to hang the ornament I bought for our house this year. This one I penned after The Fantastic Mr. Fox. That’s his name: The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Look, I covered my naming convention quirks early on, (see Hootie). He’s really, really cute! And now he has a home!

My husband gets dubious of my enthusiastic Christmas spirit. So much so that he attempts to operate with a little tough love and says things like “look, you want a tree, you get a tree, but you know the rules. You bring it home, you decorate it, you clean up after it and you get it out of the house afterwards.” You’d think I was asking for a puppy.

This Pollyanna really heard him say: “Look, I love that you got our home a beautiful tree. And that you did it while I was busy at work during your lunch break. Thank you for decorating it, it warms the cockles of my heart. I love you more every day.”

See, I know what he means.

Deets: Shimmery purple turtleneck/Michael Starts, charcoal shawl cardigan/Cheeky Boutique, raspberry scarf/handmade by my adopted grandma, necklace/Alexis Bitar, crystal cocktail ring/Ariella, super snazzy striped fingerless gloves/handmade by my friend Stacy, skinny jeans/Old Navy, boots/ModCloth, smile/courtesy of Christmas tree purchase.


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